Friday, May 8, 2009

After 396 days...

we finished breastfeeding.
Yes, that's 13 months straight of Mo on the boob!
Way back in April 2008 when she was born,
I figured I would try breastfeeding (bfing) out. Don't you just love my swollen face! .
Since Moira was born via emergency c-section at night, the recovery room was empty when they wheeled me in. I asked one of the recovery nurse when I should try BFing. I figured that since she was sucking on Bryan's shirt for dear life, I should at least offer her the real thing.
She latched on like a champ and for the past 13 months, we have had no problems. Early on, there were a few moments where she got squirted in the face, but beyond that, no problems.
So last Friday, May 1, Moira's 13 month birthday my mom volunteered to stay over so Bry and I could go out for dinner. I was figuring eventually we would eliminate the last nursing session someday. Someday was that day. She took her cup of milk from my mom with no problems and that was that.
It has been my job for the first 13 months of her life to feed her and put her to bed, but now I've passed the torch. Bry is now in charge of bedtime. While I'm happy he gets to have that time with Mo, I'll admit I kind of miss it a little already. I am happy to have my boobs back to myself.

She's obviously adjusting fine!


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