Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Parrrrty Day!

I have blogged about my excess, that purely neurotic goal I have set for myself to out do myself.

I have teased my loyal readers with a little list of my insanity. 

And, most recently I have shared the turmoil that ensued that morning, which earned me sympathies and applause alike.

What I have yet to disclose, is the actual party itself.

That is, until now.

From the people who brought you A Sunshiny Music Party and A Somewhere Over the Rainbow Celebration, in cooperation with Ashley Pierce Photography, Bryan's tolerance level, Pinterest, and the blog, Not Wifezilla, I proudly present:

Moira's Fourth Pirate Parrrrty

Setting the stage for the event, patches, streamers, and bunting took over the rooms. Meanwhile, shirts and jeans were traded in for, jackets, hats, eye patches, and even a wig! 
Our Entry Way

Black, Red, & White streamers & bunting

Rowdy our stuffed Pirate Dog
Happy Birthday Moira Banner

 My Girls in their Pirate Costumes

Even Grammy with the bracelets found her Pirate costume!

Uncle Joe-Joe, Popsie & the Birthday Girl

As the guests received their Pirate Hats, and spy glass, they sat down to create their own Pirate Treasure Map. Next, it was time for Pin the Patch on the Pirate. 

Spy glasses & Make your own Treasure Map
Maeve's turn to Pin the Patch on the Pirate

After a lunch of hamburgers, hot dogs, and various chips and fruit, our Pirates headed outside for
Game Time
Off they ran

 Gold in the Sand
Each child dug through the sand looking for 10 coins, 1 ring, and 1 bouncy ball. 

Go Fish!
Our Pirates took turns using their poles to catch some fish. 

Even I took a turn fishing!
Walk the Plank
Those brave souls tested their balance as they walked across the plank

Jump if You Dare
What's a kid party without a moon bounce? 

Dessert Time
Before long, it was time for Happy Birthday!

Cannonballs (malt balls) 

Devil's Food with Buttercream

Chocolate coated marshmallows, some with graham crackers, others with M&M's

Oreo Cupcakes with Oreo Cream Cheese Icing
At the request of the Birthday Girl

Daddy helping out the birthday girl 
 Final Treasure Hunt
As one last activity, my brother AKA the ultimate Pirate, led all the other pirates on a scavenger hunt, collecting clues they headed from the powder room sink, to the bathroom tub, then the mailbox, sliding board, and as a finale, they discovered their final bounty back on the front porch. 

Cap'n Joe-Joe and his first clue
He made a fabulous host for this final event. and
I do believe he is available for hire in the greater Philadelphia area

Reading the clue to his audience

Mo holding clue #3, sending the group to the SLIDE!

And they're back to the front porch where they find the treasure!

Eagerly they discover their booty,
Goodie bags for each pirate.
Inside two ring pops, two candy necklaces, three gold strands of beads, three Pirate tattoos, and a pack of fruit snacks.
Hopefully it was just enough candy to keep the parents on my good side.
I searched online for pirate names, and in turn each gift bag featured their new name.
They included: Horrible Harper Hughes, Red Legged Raegan, and First Mate Shiny Maeve

 What a fabulous parrrty! 

After all the hullabaloo and craziness these past few weeks, (okay months), I feel it is only appropriate I link up with Yeah Write. I do believe this may be the first party submission!
Perhaps I'll start a trend? 
As always, click over and read these fabulous bloggers, and please vote for your favorites on Thursday. 

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  1. Aww these pictures are fantastic! I'm partial to the rowdy one... (that's a scrubs reference, isn't it? I LOVE scrubs)

    1. Totally named after the dog from Scrubs!

    2. You are therefore incredibly cool in my book.

  2. What an amazing, creative, FUN party! Lucky little girl you have there ;)

  3. That looks like an amazing birthday party!! Wow! I love that everyone got dressed up! Some of the cutest pirates ever :)

  4. This is great to see! Especially after last week's post. Looks like it was well worth the effort - and maybe even the family squabble?
    - MamaMzungu

  5. WOW! I can't imagine all the planning that went into making the party such a beautiful one! I doubt I can ever cope with that... By the way, you have a beautiful family.

  6. Looks like it was a fabulous party! I'm sure the kids all had a blast!

  7. looks like a lot of work went into that party!

  8. what a kick ass looking party!! way to go Matey!! Arrrr!! :)

  9. Oh how I love well planned children's birthday parties! It looks wonderful and these pictures are perfect.

  10. This looks like a fabulous party! And I'm one of those people who thinks birthdays are exactly the time to go overboard if you want to!

  11. This is such a great party. That's one lucky little pirate you have thar, matey.

  12. Cute! I love love love it. I wanna come.

  13. Jackie, your daughter is one lucky girl to have such an awesome mom. What a fantastic party!

  14. I love the pirate theme and all the activities, awesome!

  15. Oh my gosh!! I'm a little in love with you! I'm not crazy, I promise. I want you to come and put on every party for me. I'm so totally wowed.

  16. Too cute!!! Happy birthday Moira!

  17. I know that had to be a lot of work but the party looked AWESOME! You rocked it mama! I want a pirate party - for me :) Hope your little ones had a great time.

  18. Holy Buckets! That looks like the verybestparty EVER!

  19. Arggggghh you are an amazing mommy! That was my Pirate impression! Seriously so impressive and such lovely photos. It definitely looks like fun was had by all matey! Too much?:)

  20. great pix and excellent execution of the theme and best of all your little girl looks like she had a blast. I love the "plank" balance beam. brilliant! I am also drooling at the green on your walls in your dining room. gorgeous.

  21. This is awesome!! I'm totally blown away! Would you, by chance, be available to plan my son's birthday??

  22. would you make ME a birthday party please? I think something with tombs, crypts, and excessive condolences & cocktails would be suitable for turning forty-gasp-nine.
    seriously - amazing party - you must be exhausted!! and your pirate girl looks very, very happy.

  23. that party looks wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

  24. Oh my goodness!!! I am hiring you for my kid's next birthday! Amazing, really!

  25. Great pics. Thanks for inviting us all to your party!

  26. Your kids are definitely quite adorable.

    And grandma made me lol.

    Looks like a very awesome party, despite the drama you wrote about last week.

  27. That looks like WAY too much fun!

  28. I am utterly unable to do parties like this. I bow down.

  29. This is SO stinkin' adorable. You ROCK, mom! Your girls will appreciate and treasure (hardy har har) these parties one day...for sure! Oh, and your brother looks like a hoot. He makes an awesome pirate!

  30. Holy cow, lady!! When you say you go all out, you aren't kidding!!
    Looks awesome :)
    The birthday girl's smile says it all.

  31. Stopping in from UBP12. That looks like such a great party idea, Totally love it and the pics are great!!! Looks like everyone had a blast. :)

  32. What a great party. Mom and Dad should pat themselves on the back for all of the wonderful memories created for your daughter. Found your blog on the UBP12 and I am glad I did.



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