Monday, April 30, 2012

Not to be Modest....

How often do we really take the time to celebrate those things for which we are good? Often, it's lists of things we need to improve or work on, (Hello New Year's Resolutions?).

Mommy Padawan offered this topic for Monday Listicles. She actually suggested two topics: gave us an option of writing a LIST ABOUT THINGS WE ARE GOOD AT or THINGS WE WOULD DO IN 48 HOURS WITH UNLIMITED MONEY AND RESPONSIBILITIES. 

Initially I was drawn to option two, with ideas of dining out, refurbishing our home, and a sit down with Martha Stewart, but I felt option one was the better. 

Not to be modest, but there are a few things I place myself in the exceptional category, and so I offer:

A List of Things For Which I Am Exceptional

1. I plan kick ass parties. 

Just look at the pictures: Sunshine, Pirate, Winter Wonderland, & Wizard of Oz. Our wedding was quite the fete and I'm currently immersed in Bridal Shower prep for my sister.
Speechless, right? 

From what I'm told and the parts I remember, our wedding was pretty fun. 

2. I can parallel park and drive backwards with ease. 

My dad was smart. When it was time for me to learn to drive, he passed the buck onto my mother. She grew up in a row house which was situated on a road classified as an alley. Navigating and parking a car was an adventure, and in turn she became quite the mistress of parallel parking and driving backwards. She passed her knowledge to my siblings as well as me. 
While my dad still struggles with parallel parking, the three of us are pretty damn good at it. 

Thanks Mom! 

3. I make cute kids.

Grant it, Bry had some hand in this one, but I'd like to think, since I birthed them and sustained their life for another 13 months breastfeeding, I can take most of the credit. 

4. I have a pretty accurate internal clock. 

I could, for all intensive purposes, remove the alarm clock from our bedroom because in the event I need to wake at a specific time, I will, within ten minutes prior. 

5. I can swim. 

It will be twenty-seven years in September, the first time I swam competitively. I still get in the water, and do at least 2500 yards twice a week. While it's nothing compared to my prime (see photo below) I still believe I could beat most people in a race. 

6. I can write. 

I know I'm not in the Pulitzer category, but I do realize that when I write here from the heart, I get a great response from those in my life, both in the cyber world and the real one. 

7. I am good with other people's kids. 

This is in reference to my former job as a first grade teacher. 

8. I remember things.

Kids' names, play date locations, who wore what to which event: those bits of information permeate my long term memory. If Bry ever does decide to run for Political Office, I know I'll be an awesome partner, whispering names into his ear. 

9. I can read quickly. 

I don't know if this is a good thing all the time, but being an avid reader, it does come in handy. I learned to read quickly during my short tenure at Catholic School with some individualized film strip quick reading program, and it has only helped me throughout my time in school and beyond. 

10. I am social.  

I rarely get nervous at events where I don't know anyone. I have no problem speaking to new people. Bry just might disagree and say I am too social, in that I have no problem speaking to new people anywhere- restaurants, sporting events, or even the line at the grocery store. 
I'm just nice, and I like to talk. 

What about you? What are your Ten?
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  1. Love the happy sunshine cake. That IS kickass!

    I'm always impressed with anyone who can parallel park with ease. I've never had much experience with it myself so I avoid it at all costs. I can drive in reverse at racing speed but I'm walking a mile before I parallel park!

  2. If only I had your party planning skills...heh I would have to actually spend time with people :O) No really though, your parties sound so amazing!!

    And you DO make beautiful children. :O) I miss swimming. With a 3 yr old its a whole lot of splashing that happens now. I look forward to the days when she's racing me across the pool!

  3. I am going to enlist you to help plan my kiddos birthday parties from now on. I mean, WOW! My boys have birthdays only 11 days apart (well, 2 years and 354 days apart), so we've done dual parties so far. This year they want a party at the park and a train on their cake. You have your assignment. :)

    For the record, you DO make cute kids!!

    I am jealous that you can remember things. I forget what I walked across the room to get. This happens more often than I would like to admit!

  4. I want to party with you! Or even better, have you throw my parties. I get kind of paralyzed at the thought of entertaining but I press on anyway. And I am a good parallel parker as well. So we have that in common. Fun list. Good to get to know you better.

  5. You do throw amazing parties and make super cute kids. I have been considering making you an offer on Mo for arranged marriage for my boy :)
    I was amazing at parallel parking back in Europe. But this extended minivan has put me into the 'park all the way on the other side of the lot and pretend you are walking for exercise purposes' category.
    Awesome list, I am so glad you went for it!!!

  6. You will be my go-to Party Planner from now on! Unfortunately I'm the total opposite of your #8 as I have entered that time in my life where I'm having trouble remembering even plain old "nouns". Oi-vay.

    Your girls ARE absolutely adorable! :D

  7. those are some awesome parties!!

    completely unrelated, but you know, my birthday is next month. LOL

  8. I'm very jealous of your parallel parking abilities...I can NOT for the life of me do it.
    Maybe you should start your own party planning'd totally rock at that!

  9. I hate to admit that I fall into that old stereotype about women, but I cannot parallel park! LOL Always enjoy your blog. Following you from Monday Listicles

  10. You can come plan parties at my house. I'm not a fan and I have two birthdays this week to deal with. And the parallel parking thing, I don't even try.

  11. Those are some awesome cakes and parties--I bow to you, but Ellen might be able to chat you up on that front. I love that you can parallel park---I completely suck at all parking. Sweet list with a shot of spunky---my favorite combo. Erin

  12. Your parties do kick ass! I love the sunshine cake!

  13. stumbled onto your blog via the blog hop and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed this post!! New Follower via email :-)

  14. I'm so awful at parallel parking that it's embarrassing.

    You do have some pretty cute kids and those parties? Wow.


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