Saturday, May 7, 2011

Whose Mother's Day Gift?

Kiki, Twist, Marina, & Shout!
No, these aren't name suggestions for a new pet or nicknames for the girls. If you have a child under six, most likely you know that I'm talking about the Fresh Beat Band a cast of characters from a show on Nickelodeon.
Mo and Maeve are both infatuated with this show. It has been my savior many times, allowing me to shower and make dinner uninterrupted. They will stand, mesmerized for the 22 minutes of singing and dancing. At first glance, it's a super corny show with characters who look more like they should be teaching music school then playing kids who attend it. However, give it time, because this show does grow on you. Besides quite a number of catchy little tunes which I can guarantee you will find yourself humming at all hours of the day, the four characters usually solve some sort of problem using teamwork and friendship. It's definitely the type of show I want Mo & Maeve to watch.
Recently, I posted about our trip to Sesame Place for Member preview night. My good friend Danielle was the one who suggested passes for our respective families. At first, I was debating whether it was worth it. The debate was over the minute it was brought to my attention that Fresh Beat Band were playing shows.
We were in!
At first, they announced the days for the show on the website with a note that in the future they would open for ticket reservations. There were no sales as admission was all that was necessary for entry into the show. I stalked the site. Day after day, I checked twice, or sometimes three times a day to ensure I didn't miss the ticket announcement. Knowing how much the girls loved this show, there was no way we would miss it. My message board was all a buzz with various speculations over when and what time the ticket reservations would be available.
I was returning home from music class one day when there was a message from Bry on the machine to call him. He nonchalantly asks if I made reservations yet for the show. Of course, I had checked the day before and there was nothing. He then casually mentions that he secured four tickets to the 6 pm show on Saturday.
We've got them!
I jump onto my message board to discover that the tickets had already sold out. Many of my online friends had missed out.
Can you believe his luck?
In telling Mo, she is ecstatic and cannot wait to meet these "friends". Over the course of the weeks leading up to the show, I was bombarded with a myriad of questions. My responses went something like this:
"No, you probably won't be able to ride in their car."
"No, Kiki won't let you play her guitar."
"No, Shout won't be able to go on a ride with you."
"I don't think they'll be able to come over to play in the playroom."
"I really hope they say 'Hello Moira!'"
Today was the big day!
We pile into the car and head back, not 8 days later to Sesame Place. Mo has been literally jumping around the house since she bounced out of bed a little after 7.
We have our reservation confirmation printed out as we head into the park. Bry and I agree that we'll swing by the theater and then maybe ride a few rides before we stand in line. As we roll up with the stroller we notice that the line has already started. We get our bracelets and decide to wait the hour and forty-five minutes. Looking at our position in line, we'll have awesome seats. After bribing with lollipops, animal crackers, yogurt bites, shoulder rides, and a little walking around the floor we get...


Now this is not the type of concert I ever imagined myself getting excited over securing front row. Having the opportunity to watch my girls enthralled for the half hour show was amazing and made a fabulous Mother's day gift for me, and it was a sweet gift for them too!

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  1. This was really cute. What we do for our kids.... Thanks for visiting the chaos the other day.


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