Sunday, May 22, 2011


Have you ever gone through a day thinking it was one day when SMACK you realize that it's actually a day later?
That was today for me.
We had a crazy, busy weekend and for a while earlier this afternoon I was thinking it was Saturday.
Out of nowhere it hit me that it was really Sunday, which meant it was back to our weekday routine tomorrow.
We had a fabulous weekend with lots of happy and good times to celebrate.
First, there was shopping for me & my sis at the Boden Warehouse Sale, while my mom watched the girls. I scored a dress, suit jacket, skirt, & two shoes, plus wellies for Maeve for $150! I have been following Momma Go Round for wardrobe inspiration. I really think she'd be proud!
Then, after a spin through Chick Fil A drive-thru for lunch, we headed back to my hometown for our annual town wide parade. Mo kept saying that she didn't want to go, but had a fabulous time marching and jumping up and down to the bands. It was great to hang out with some friends and family.
Back to my house with my mom in tow. She offered to babysit the girls so Bry and I could go to the Philadelphia Union alone!
Do you know how lovely it is to watch a MLS game without a kid on your lap? Beer, crab fries with cheese, and actually getting to watch a game were heavenly!
Today we woke up and headed back to celebrate Ash's little boy's 4th birthday party twice, first with his friends and then the family. In between the two fetes, we swung by my parents house to welcome home my brother's best friend who has just returned from 9 months in the open sea!
Welcome home Mikey!
We're now home, naps were non-existent this weekend, so imagine bedtime tonight.
While I'm exhausted, I'm so grateful for so many reasons to celebrate.
However, I still can't believe it's Sunday night already!


  1. sounds like a blast ~ ~ ummm... beer & crab fries with cheese ... yum!!

  2. Oooohhh....where are the Boden warehouse? I wanna go to a sale there when I am PA!


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