Monday, May 9, 2011

An Ode to my Bag

Christmas of 2007, I received my very first present as a mom to be. While he purchased me a necklace and a spa package, he also got me a Vera Bradley diaper bag and matching wallet that looked similar to this:

It was green, navy, and light blue with a little bit of white in the flowery diamond pattern. It also matched our infant car seat and stroller beautifully, which of course made me love it more!
From my very first outing with Mo as a newborn to the pediatrician's office, that bag has been by my side. Often slung over my shoulder as I balanced a crying baby in the car seat, the bag was always with me. It's been to the beach a few times, drinks have been spilled inside, and there was the one time sunscreen exploded. I then discovered how well Vera Bradley bags hold up in the washing machine.
It was retired for about three months, but then resurfaced when Maeve joined our family. It held two sizes of diapers, two different sets of back up clothes, epi-pens, snacks, and in each side pocket, sippy cups.
To say that this bag has been useful is an understatement. It has been loved, well loved.
Unfortunately, three years of nearly continuous use have caused quite the bit of wear and tear. The straps are starting to fray, as are the corners. I realized a few weeks ago that it may be about time to start looking for a new bag. I even suggested a new bag as an option for a gift for Mother's Day. Bry balked at the idea saying that I should get a bag that I want.
And today, I happened upon one.
I was visiting Buy Buy Baby to purchase some more "big girl panties" for Mo, and I decided to stroll past their selection of diaper bags. There she was, hanging on the display with a red price tag. Discounted $20 and in my favorite colors green w/orange trim- the Skip Hop Dash Deluxe!

It was a sign, or at least a good sale, and so I picked it up. I can't help but feel a little nostalgia about the Vera bag but I think I did it proud and used it well.
Farewell Friend!

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  1. I love that Vera bag, I'm a huge fan of their entire line and am so glad to hear how long that bag lasted you! ;)


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