Sunday, May 8, 2011

Things to remember next year on Mother's day

1. Make an actual plan for the day. Texting and cell phone conversations 24 hours ahead of time =/= enough time to make adequate plans.
2. In the same vein, make dining reservations ahead of time. Why I thought walking into a restaurant with a party of 8 without reservations was a good idea is beyond me?
3. Grocery shop ahead of time. Keeping things in the fridge, just in case, is always a good idea.
4. In the event your mom and sister and other family members decide to walk in the Susan Komen Breast Cancer walk on Mother's Day morning, don't expect them to arrive anytime earlier then noon. 10:30 am? Yeah, right! What says mother's day better then traffic? Just ask my dad.
5. Send Mother's day cards preferably the Wednesday before. In doing this, it prevents great grandmothers confusing cards as being theirs. My poor grandmom thought the card my girls made for my mom was hers because my mom accidentally left it a bag she shared with her. My mom then didn't have the heart to tell her it wasn't hers. Meanwhile, she'll receive the exact same card except with the name "Mommom" on teh front tomorrow via US postal service.
6. Grilling on the patio is an acceptable way to celebrate, even if it's hot dogs.
7. Just because it's Mother's day, don't expect your children to act any differently or nap well.
8. However, do expect your husband to let you sleep in! (Thanks Bry!)
9. You will cry, probably more then once. This year it was a "Happy Mother's Day" as soon as I made it down the stairs, and reading the message inside a card from Bry.

That's all I got! I was trying for ten things, but I'm done, finished, stick a fork in me! Maybe it's all the time prepping for Mother's day with homemade gifts and cards, or perhaps it's the residual effects of Fresh Beat from yesterday. All I do know, is it's Mother's day night and Bry and I are waiting for dinner to be delivered.
Aha! I got it,
10. There's no right or wrong dinner on Mother's Day, (Chinese anyone?) The only wrong in my book is me cooking!

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms, grandmas, step moms, godmoms, & moms to be!


  1. love how you said not to expect children to act differently just because its mother's day. So true. stopping over from FTLOB. Cute blog!


  2. While I was napping, hubs ordered me Chinese food for dinner! Great minds think alike!

  3. Great list! Now, you just have to remember to look at the list next year! hehehe!

    Visiting from TRDC! Have a great weekend!

  4. Don't worry about calling ahead for reservations - we did that with a party of five and we STILL had to wait 30 past the reservation. We were told it was just to "cut down" our waiting time!

    Sounds like you had a wonderful day, I hope all mommies did. The weather was finally beautiful her in New York, so it was a great day to just be out and about!!

    Happy (belated) Mother's Day!

  5. If anything, my kids acted a little worse today! They were too wound up and excited from visiting with the relatives!

  6. love it * sounds like a wave of emotions ~ just the way "Mother's Day" shld be ;)

  7. Sounds like a great day, even with card confusion and kids being themeselves ;) I, too, got to sleep in, and I think that's the best gift of all!

    Happy Mother's Day!


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