Friday, May 20, 2011


Right now it's raining and overcast.
For the fifth day in a row, it's miserable out. We haven't been able to go to the park or for a walk or just run around the yard.
Mama's a little miserable here, the girls are making me on edge and I need a little bit of calm.
I started daydreaming, back to a time and place before babies and minivans and responsibilities.

My mind is on the beach overlooking the open waves.

In my mind, I would be sitting in my chair, drink in hand enjoying silence.

In my mind, I'm waking up (late) for a lovely breakfast on the patio overlooking our private pool.

In my mind, I'm tan, twenty pounds lighter, and enjoying a leisurely late dinner with my husband.
Crap, that's a kid crying, back to reality
je t'aime St. Barth's. See you again in my dreams.


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