Tuesday, May 10, 2011


This week's RemembeRED memoir prompt asked us to write a memory of sand.
The trolley pulled up the edge of the beach. It wasn't one of the access points we had scoured a few weekends before, but the gray clouds hovering overhead gave us little option to be picky.
"We'll probably only be a few minutes" He said, as we filed out of the big red car.
Carefully, I watched as all my favorite people in my life took the steps down to the beach. My parents walked out first, my dad helping my mom down the stairs. My little cousins Cassie and Mark followed my parents. They were in first grade and needed that parental guidance my parents could give. My little brother, Joey who really wasn't that little any more walked out next. He was in college now, pursuing a degree in elementary education, just like me. Then my next door neighbor Tara. She was a few years younger, and growing up was like the littlest sister in our neighborhood, tagging along as we played. Next came my cousin, Cindy. She was the athlete I had always longed to be, there was no debating that. Bill walked out next. One of Bry and my closest friends and his roommate for four years of college. We considered him a real brother, as is Steve who had to duck as he descended the stairs. When Bry and he stood next me, it made me feel small, a feat in itself. Ashley was next. Who would have thought that the dark haired girl who sat two seats ahead of me in homeroom freshmen year of high school would end up being one of my dearest friends? Casey was next. Bry's little brother and now a friend. It took a while to get to that point, but alas, growing up had finally brought them to that relationship. Finally, my little sister Jeanna. No one else could be the one standing next to me but her.
"Do you need anything?" she asked.
I replied, "Nope!"
She flip flopped down the stairs, her curly hair piled up beautifully on the top of her head.
"You really do look beautiful" he said, as I stood up taking off my blue flowered heels. They had been an impulsive purchase online, but fit the day perfectly."I love that you look like you today!"
It was true, my hair wasn't styled that different from how I normally wear it. My make up was light and my jewelery sparse. I had gone to the tanning salon a few times, but for the most part my tan was a remnant from a few summer day trips to the beach.
I grabbed my terracotta flip flops, the same color as the girls dresses, and put them on my toes.
"I'm ready!" I said "Let's go!"
I slowly gathered my skirt into my hands as not to trip, he held the roses as we walked down the aisle of the car. He walked first down the staircase, and offered his hand, new ring on his third finger to me. I couldn't help but smile. The camera flash went off as I stepped off the trolley into the sand. My new husband held my hand as we walked along the sand. The rain drops starting falling lightly as he held the umbrella over my head.


  1. Amazing post Jac. You know how I love reading your posts, this one wasn't any different...except I had more tears at the end of this one. I can not believe it has been almost 6 years...truly, the best day (after my wedding and kids births). I love you.

  2. I like this line: "Finally, my little sister Jeanna. No one else could be the one standing next to me but her."

    I have 3 daughters, 6,7, and 15. They make abig deal about who sits next to whom. It's cute.

    The whole thing is lovely. Nice memory. Thanks for my blog comment.

  3. It's nice how going to the beach brings our normal, natural selves out. We get to be kids again, regardless of age, position, or relationship. Though it's always nice to be with the ones we love.

  4. what a fun memory!!

    One thing: it was visually difficult to read because it looked like one big paragraph.

  5. Awwwwwwwww! What a great memory! I like how you showed the continuity of family by listing everyone getting off the trolley.

  6. I too found it tough to read and keep everyone straight.

    I think my favourite part was at the end, when your new husband held the umbrella over you. So protective and caring.

  7. I love this story! It definitely made me smile and feel as though I was on the beach, too.

  8. What a beautiful post. I love it. The catalog of your family and friends was gorgeous. What a great tribute.

  9. I realized it was going to be difficult to keep everyone straight and I think if I were to revisit writing this I may just note my parents, and then all the other members of the bridal party.
    Thanks for the feedback!

  10. lovely, i want to see the picture that was taken now! x

  11. Yep. Need to see a picture.

    This was a great post. I loved that it went from being, what I thought was a family day at the beach, to being something so special.

    I agree about the paragraph thing. I had a little trouble following the list of people, but overall, fantastic post!


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