Friday, April 1, 2011


Dear Moira,
How did you get so big so fast? I cannot believe that we are celebrating your third year of life, when it seems like yesterday daddy and I were driving home from the hospital looking at you in that big car seat, repeating over and over "We have a little girl!". You have been the best surprise we have ever received.
This year I have watched you blossom. When you turned two, you were just starting to talk. I won't lie, we were worried because we thought you weren't talking enough. It's amazing how wrong we were! I don't think anyone would believe it now that we had any fears. Your favorite word is fragile and often the things you say make Daddy & I laugh. You love to sing and dance, especially to Fresh Beat Band. Sometimes, you will sit with your ukulele and make up your own songs. My personal favorite is your "Hopscotch" song. You still love the Phillies and the Union and want to wear either your Phillies, Union, or monkey shirt every day, usually with comfy pants.
You hate vegetables but love jellybeans, white pizza, popcorn, and pancakes from the diner. You love to watch Wizard of Oz, Toy Story 1 & 2, and Monsters Inc with Daddy at night before you go to sleep.
You are a fabulous big sister and love to call Maeve "Shiny". In the morning you usually run into our room and climb into bed with me to start the day. Usually you say "What are we doing today?" and can't wait for me to tell you the plans. You love going to Chik Fil A, and shopping at Wegmans, AC Moore, Target, and BJs.
My favorite part of this past year is how you have really started to talk to me. Just a few days ago you told me "Mom, you're a good mom" and it made me smile.
Being your mommy has been quite a ride. This year will be another great year with lots of new and exciting things planned like preschool and trips to Sesame Place, the beach, and more. You are a fantastically awesome little girl and I am so lucky to be your mommy!
I love you, my lovie girl!

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