Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter, Sunny Easter

Dear Jesus,
I apologize for our absence today at Mass.
I know it is a big day, the biggest day on the Catholic calendar and attendance is a must, so I am truly sorry. We decided instead of squeezing into an overcrowded Church to thank you for your greatest sacrifice, we would celebrate this day as a family at the beach. In my humble opinion, the beach is one of Your greatest accomplishments, next to creating Human Beings and then the whole resurrection.
You truly blessed us with a stunning spring day, filled with white puffy clouds and a crisp blue sky, making the time on the boards beautifully breathtaking. This day will be one of those days we will look back upon and remember as being perfect.

Thank you for blessing me with two stunning and fantastically awesome daughters, parents and in laws who truly love and respect me, sisters (yes, you Coll) and a brother who deeply care, extended family and friends that have repeatedly been their for me, and finally a husband who is my soul mate.
We will be back in our usual pew next week, and I promise we won't miss Christmas services and I'll work on the all the other Holy days.
(Though I do think I do get a few Brownie points for handling Palm Sunday with the entire Passion reading with Mo alone last week!)
Your faithful servant,


  1. You are a great writer. I hope you can write a book or a sitcom for us so we can to be millionaires.

  2. The beach is definitely a great alternative! Looks like you had a great day - your kids are so beautiful! So glad you had a great day :D


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