Monday, April 4, 2011


The cupcakes have been eaten, the candles blown out, and the presents unwrapped. Mo's third birthday weekend has officially come and gone and I AM EXHAUSTED! I intend to write an in depth post about her birthday party soon seeing as I went DIY crazy, but now let me talk presents!
I cannot believe how generous our friends and family were to our birthday girl. Everyone seemed to go out of their way to choose presents that they thought Mo would enjoy from authentic Ruby slippers from the Smithsonian, to a few different versions of Candy land, a bunch of play dough, and a remote control car. I do believe that Moira may have received any and all products marketed with Toy Story from a folding chair to coloring book to all three DVDs freeing up a bunch of our DVR space! She did get that slinky which she had asked and some really cool sock puppets. There was a Phillies t-shirt and my brother and sister in law got her a Lilly Pulitzer dress which I adore! Of course what would a Wizard of Oz theme birthday be without Toto in a basket?

I really thought I knew my kid well, however she was less then thrilled with her superhero cape. Maeve, on the other hand has already seemed to have taken it as her own.

My mother in law surprised us all with Mo's first pet. Luckily, she thought long and hard about the dog and instead went with a Betta fish.
Introducing Fred

My friend Ash found the cutest toy for my budding soccer star. These soccer girls from kaskey kids are awesome! From the time she woke up the morning after her birthday, they quickly have taken spot as one of her favorite toys. Any toy which keeps my kid's attention for more then ten minutes is a winner in my book, and these definitely do the trick!

My sister got her the kitty cat keyboard which she has been longing for since we saw it around Christmas time at BJs. It was perfect to help with potty training today. Hopefully I can write about potty training success later this week!
(Yes that's Mo sitting on her potty playing her new piano!)
Finally, Mommom D. won the MVP for most valuable present, as she picked up the Jessie doll from Toy Story which Mo has coveted since seeing the movie months ago. The kid has not let the doll go for more then 10 minutes since she unwrapped it. At one point, during our family party yesterday, she walked upstairs to her room. Bry found her on her bed alone playing with Jessie. She then asked if he could shut the door so she could play with Jessie all by herself. Mind you, when this occurred she still had some presents left to open and had yet to eat her cupcakes.
She loves this doll, as if the photo doesn't illustrate this point by that huge smile on her face!
Dorothy's dress has been retired to the dress-up chest, and I'm procrastinating over taking down the streamers in the dining room. Wizard of Oz 2011 is over and so is my party infatuation. I now have to find something else to do besides party planning during nap time, unless of course, I want to start planning Maeve's second birthday already.

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