Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Night Out, A Night In

Yesterday Bry and I went out!
My sister stayed with the girls while we had a neighborhood wine tasting event lined up. Mo could not get us out the door fast enough as she loves "G" so much. I think it has something to do with the fact she tells my sister what to do, and my sister listens.
This sounds like a great plan except:
1. There were torrential downpours the whole evening, making our trek out harrowing.
2. Neither Bry or I really wine drinkers per se, so if someone asked how the red was tasting, my answer "Um, good?!?" probably was not what they were looking for.
3. Out of the over 60 people at the hall, we only knew six.
Have you ever been at an event and wondered, what the hell were you doing there?
That's how we felt. It's not like we were treated like lepers or anything, however it seems that once people have a little too much to drink, in this case Italian wine, they seem to stay closer to their friends.
The problem I think for Bry and I is that we're out of the loop. Our kids are babies, while most of the people there have school age kids, so our social circles haven't yet crossed.
Was it a bad event?
Would it have been more fun for us if we knew more people?
Most likely, yes.
So, at around ten we left.
And we had our own Italian fest.

This is what was left at 7:30 am the next morning when I woke up with the girls.
And what's better the next morning after consuming a little too much of Italian sparkling wine?
Pizza, ahem, Cold pizza of course!

Thanks G and hopefully our next venture out will be a little more socially successful!

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  1. Haha, well at least ya'll got out of the house for a night :) And seems like you made the most of it. Really like your blog a lot. Came over from FTLOB and glad I did. Have a good one!


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