Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tiaras and Shinguards

When I was pregnant with Mo, I didn't know that she was a she. I did know, however thanks to some graduate work in gender studies, that I would do everything within my power to prevent her to falling into the Princess trap. Read here or here I did not want her to sit around waiting for Prince Charming, I wanted her to get out there and live it up! In those terms, I guess for me it meant sports. I wanted her to be the athlete, not the girlie girl, cleats over high heels.
Guess what?
It backfired... a bit.
I tried to skip the Princess thing. I cringed when strangers (or some family members) would refer to her as "the Princess". I avoided showing her any of the Disney movies until very recently when Snow White was on the tv. That is easy now courtesy of Pixar. Then somehow "Princess" became part of her lexicon. She HAD to have princess panties, even though she didn't even know who most of the princesses were. She HAD to have the Cinderella book at the dollar store, and begs to use the Princess bowl and plate every day.
What did I do wrong? How did this happen?
Damn you Disney and all your "Happily Ever After"!
I had an epiphany of sorts yesterday. I guess I had always been dealing with absolutes, when in the case of princesses and sports, it doesn't have to be. She can wear her princess panties under her soccer uniform. She doesn't have to make the choice one over the other, especially at three years old. She can wear a tiara one moment and play with her soccer girls the next.
It would be a mis-truth if I admitted that I am comfortable now with all the Princess paraphernalia, I still prefer sports, but I'll be a little less neurotic about it.
Just don't call her Princess in front of me! Why settle? I prefer Queen Mo!


  1. Hi Jackie

    Found your blog through Red Dress Club. I have been finding many blogs lately but when I read your posts I see myself some where in those lines. I really wanted to follow your blog but could not find the "Follow" button . Tell me how to follow you Jackie, please. :)

    Akkila Vibha

  2. Hey I am follow your blog now . I will get to read your wonderful posts now . Yay

    Akkila Vibha

  3. Loved it! Visitng from TRDC! I definitely love your mentality - aim for Queen!

  4. My daughter is 17mo and I have always been very anti-princess stuff. But who knows what will happen. I know that my mom denied me sweets and I couldn't wait to go over my friend's houses to inhale all their oreo cookies and devil dogs. Everything in moderation, I guess.


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