Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Get your Shout on!

It happened last night.
The event I was dreading since I became a mom.
Moira had her first temper tantrum.
Of course, she decided to begin it right as Bry walks through the front door. Nice touch, sweet child o'mine. TOUCHE'
We're still not quite sure what set her off. I put her in the highchair for dinner like every other night, when all the sudden she starting thrashing her body, making her legs go tense, and started screaming.
I put a few grapes in front of her.
I thought maybe those yummy snacks would distract her, but nope. Just "NO NO NO!!"
That's of course, when Bry walked in, bug eyed, looking at me like "WTF Jac?".
My response "Pull up a chair! I think it's going to be a while!"
She didn't want anything to do with the food, so I let her go. I thought that would make her happy.
She then sat on the floor and kicked her feet a bit, just on the outside of the kitchen. Like she wanted me to see how upset she was!
I then moved myself into the living room and she followed. Still huffing and puffing, and throwing herself onto the couch.
Bry and I just kept looking at each other.
I kept saying, "Just ignore it. She can't WIN!"
He kept the scared look on his face and even whimpered, "Are you sure she's okay? I mean look at her body?"
"Yes, She's fine! She's learned manipulation from the best. Of course, she's going to be good at it. JUST IGNORE HER!"
Twenty minutes later, she calmed down. I'd love to say it was some hug from me or an embrace from Bry.
Nope, she became entranced in Jeopardy.
I changed her diaper, brought her back down, and she ate dinner... with no problem.
The rest of the evening she was a delight- happy, cheerful and adorable.
She really is the Spawn of Satan,
and I know that this will not be an isolated incident.


  1. Just wait till she does that in the mall or grocery store. Yeah. Not fun.

  2. Ugh, the tantrum. Every one leaves me like a deer in the headlights. lol


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