Saturday, June 13, 2009

Friday Five

Technically it's Saturday, but I have thought about this topic and so I will write it's all be it 7 hours late.
Things that are making me feel old:
1. The laugh line/ wrinkle I'm getting between my eyes.
I get the whole idea to grow old gracefully, but I feel a little too young to have age lines. Botox scares me though so I guess it's either accept aging or start buying all those fancy creams and junk.
2. High School Graduation
My cousin Brynna graduated college last night. She is number 4 out of 7 kids from one of my favorite uncles, and what's scary is I remember when she was born! Now she is an adult and graduated high school. More scary though, is that fact I have been out of high school since 6-6-96, yup THIRTEEN years! What makes me even gulp harder is the fact next year, I'll be out of college for TEN years! It feels like yesterday.
God, I'm old!
3. Some new fashion trends
I was out with my friend Ash yesterday and we happened to check out a shoe store and what do I see, JELLY shoes! Not for little girls, but for adults.
My philosophy on this trend, as well as any other trend related to the '80's like leggings- if you took part in the trend the first time around, there's no need to do it again.
You would have to pay me to wear jellies again and I don't think there's enough cash out there to wear a jacket with shoulder pads. I looked like I could be the starting linebacker in those!
4. Recent Movies and/or pre-production of movies.
I feel like Hollywood is a lost cause now. There appears to be no one left writing good screenplays, so big wigs feel the need to do one of two things. Either turn much loved television shows from the 80's or before into movies. Right now, I'm thinking of Land of the Lost which my dad will tell me repeatedly I loved when I was two and three. Nope, don't remember it! The front of Entertainment Weekly has the beautiful Megan Fox from the newest Transformers movie. Yes, another movie based off a cartoon from the my childhood.
Not to be outdone, G.I. Joe is coming out soon. I wonder if they'll make a live action Jem and the Holograms? OOH, or maybe a live action
Pound Puppies
The thing that makes me the most sad though is the talk that they are in the pre-production of remakes of three of my most favorite teen films from the '80's. The seminal work of Kevin Bacon which started his career, Footloose is being remade with some dude from Gossip Girl. I doubt we'll be playing six degrees of Chace Crawford.
Also, I've heard there's talk of redoing Sarah Jessica Parker and Helen Hunt's great little girl power flick, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. I'm assuming it will be with some Disney princess- Demi or Salena or Hilary! UGH.

Finally they movie that put Elisabeth Shue on the map. (Not Leaving Los Vegas) But one of the greatest girl flicks around- Adventures in Babysitting is in the works being redone!
I love that movie! So many great scenes and it was so funny!
Why oh why Hollywood?
Maybe I should write a screenplay since it appears the folks out there have been tapped dry!
5. I'm old because I am now a parent and own a house.
That sentence alone needs no explanation.

So that's it, my Friday (err Saturday) five. I think there's more to number four then I've written. This whole redoing things that were popular in my childhood probably has some deep rooted meaning since the people in control in Hollywood are around my age now. (Shudder.) Maybe those guys are looking to bring back their own youth?? We shall see.
I can tell you though, those studios will not get my money for tickets to any of those remakes!!!

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