Monday, June 8, 2009

Emotional Draining Days

Funerals (and all that go along with them) SUCK!
We said good-bye to my friend Kathie today.
I do have a rather comical story though from the wake yesterday. A story that I know Kathie would have found hysterical and just so Jackie.
Initially, when I found out the times for the viewing I had planned to go to the evening portion. I thought Bry could handle Mo with her dinner & bedtime, and I could make the 50 min drive up, pay my respects, and come home. We also had an appointment scheduled in the afternoon with a potential painter for the new house. I spoke to a few of my friends and that was the plan.
Then about an hour later, the painter called to change the day and so my plans changed. I decided that since the bulk of my friends would be paying their respects in the afternoon, it would be best to go with them.
I got ready and left my house at 1 to make it up to the 2 O'clock start. On my way, I used my speakerphone to call my good friend Sam to tell her my change of plan. As soon as I start talking, she gets the buzz for call-waiting and tells me she'll call back. Now, I should mention, if you know me in real life, this is no news to you, that I rarely use my cell phone, let alone talk on it in my car. I am sad to admit that I have never even memorized the number! I don't text and really, I think email is my preferred mode of communication. Anyway, as usual, I digress.
Back to the car, driving up, Sam calls me back, I put her on speakerphone, and I talk for all of 60 secs when she gets another beep. This time,it's her husband so she has to call me back yet again.
She calls me back, and I forget to put it on speakerphone. For all of two minutes I'm on the phone with her. I am just about to my exit when I look to my right and see...
a state trooper.
Yup, a state trooper watching me talking on the phone
and of course, driving above the speed limit
while I'm on the way to my friend's wake.
I tell Sam, "There's a cop watching me so I'm going to go and get pulled over now". He pulls me over, does the whole "license, registration & proof of insurance" line and then asks why I was on the phone.
Me: I'm on the way to a funeral.
Him: Whose?
Me: My very good friend.
Him: I'm sorry but you were talking on the phone and that coupled with going 75 in a 60 mph zone could technically get you a $250 ticket and 2 points on your license.
Me: Nothing.
Him: What is your driving record like? Do you have any points?
Me: Thinking- My record was beautiful and now this will tarnish it. I've never even gotten a parking ticket! CRAP! And I'm going to a wake! How much crappier could this get?
My real response: I have none that I am aware of and have never gotten a ticket.
Him: Unfortunately I'm going to have to cite you for (something) which will cost you $50 but there will be no points. Let me go run your information.
Me: Thank you. I appreciate it. What I'm really thinking: If I had my boobs out would I have been able to walk? Seriously, thank you?!? WTF did I say thank you? It's like that scene from Animal House Thank you sir can I have another? Thank you for giving me a freaking ticket!! UGH! This SUCKS!
While he's checking out my information I fight back the tears and then think that Kathie would have found this funny, which makes me smile.
He comes back,
Him: Where are you heading now?
Me: (Inset) Town
Him: Be careful driving and again, I'm sorry for your loss.

Funerals are so emotional. I did have a nice lunch today reminiscing with some good friends.
Here are some pics from my wedding day with my friend Kathie, Bry, and other friends from work.

These pictures made me smile, especially the last one.

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