Monday, June 15, 2009

Bob the Builder, he's not!

We have been neglecting the new house.
Well not really neglecting it, more waiting for estimates to come back from the potential contractors, painters, etc... so that we can get started on the great update. Since neither Bry or I are handy, and we have the SOS (Spawn of Satan) running around like a mad woman in the empty house, we figured it would be best to suck it up, save the hassle and hire painters, floor re finishers, and bathroom contractor and even a tree guy to take care of some big overgrown trees crowded the property. We've had these professionals out and are waiting on a handful of estimates.
Bryan decided that he can handle the majority of the overgrowth that extends throughout the perimeter of the property. DAS (Dumb-Ass Seller) apparently did nothing short of cutting the grass the past three years or so, leaving ivy to grow wild everywhere. It's all but absorbed the entire left side of the yard next to the house and it has grown up and down and through the fence along side the driveway. It also has reared its ugly head throughout the back patio.
After taking a good hard look at this ivy mess I have decided it's official that ivy is evil!
Like I said before, Bryan feels confident of his gardening skills and so while I was attempting to clean out the refrigerator (GAG!) and counters while Mo napped in the pack in play in the empty dining room, Bry made his first of many I imagine, treks to Home Depot. 45 minutes and nearly $400 later, he returned with rakes, a wheelbarrow, various types of clippers, something used to smash dirt down, a manual tiller, an axe, and a sledgehammer. Lots of scary stuff, especially when I don't he has touched any tools like these in 15 years or more!
I laugh also, because as he was waiting for the worker at Home Depot to unlock the wheelbarrow he paid for, it began to rain--- sheets of rain! I'm talking downpour! He had to dump the water which pooled in the wheelbarrow in the two minute walk from the store to his car. He got soaked! All layers- polo, t-shirt, underwear, socks, sneakers and of course, the seat was saturated in the car too!
He made it home, the rain stopped for a bit, and he unpacked the car. Luckily he brought an extra outfit so he changed into dry clothes.
Being the good wife, I egged him on a bit, trying to figure out which one of his new tools he wanted to try out first.
Personally, I think the safest bet would have been to use one of the metal rakes to tackle some of the ivy, but that wasn't the case.
He grabbed the ax.
Ten minutes later, there was a huge cut into one small tree and Bry was grimacing in a little pain and panting a bit. He got a little wet too! I guess we should have remembered that when you are chopping down a tree immediately after a rain storm, the branches are going to be wet.
Ten more minutes later the tree almost is down. Bry is excited! Tree one- DOWN!

Yesterday he was complaining about how his legs hurt.
Today, he woke up an hour earlier then usual to put flex-all on his arm. He is not used to manual labor, but he better get used to it! The back yard and the front have a lot of brush that needs to be removed and he is the one who said he knows what he's doing!
Good luck with that Bry!

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