Monday, June 29, 2009

Cheddar Goldfish, Killer Ivy, and Scraped Knees

I know it's been a while.
Things in 'ZillaLand have been a little crazy lately.
I'm exhausted, the new house is a mess, the townhouse is a mess too, and Moira is just as insane as ever. So much to talk about, yet I'd hate to bore you with the inane details of the past week.
Our weekends have been consumed with all things related to the new house. We spent nearly two hours at Restoration Hardware on Saturday picking out "the perfect vanity" and "light fixtures" for our soon to be updated bathroom. Surprisingly Moira did awesome just relaxing in her stroller, people watching and eating cheddar cheese goldfish, that is until she decided to swallow one whole. As she sat there attempting to cry and choke at the same time, the three (yes three) Restoration Hardware associates attempted to finish our order on their computer as Bryan oversaw the mess. I, of course being the former Girl Scout and lifeguard, was ever prepared and in one finger sweep removed the entire goldfish from the back of her throat. She started crying, as I removed her from the harness that keeps her tethered to the stroller and walked out of the store. Within a minute, she was fine and wanted to run- not walk - away from me down the mall hallway. Bry was still trying to oversee the hot mess that was their ordering system. Another ten minutes later, they got it to work. I pushed the stroller as Bry carried the crazy kid out of the mall. Potential crisis adverted!
Yesterday, we spent most of the day at the new house. Bry went down around 2 and was there doing manual labor until nearly 8:30. (I NEED TO GET PICTURES OF THIS! I know there are some of you who would not believe it unless you saw it!) Our front yard has been overtaken by killer ivy.
While I'm not sure if any humans have lost their life to this horrid plant, I know that quite a number of unassuming small animals, birds, and insects have been consumed by the ever growing ivy.
There are plants out there that are lovely and seem to add flair to a front yard. Then there's ivy. I really don't think there is any redeemable qualitites to this plant whatsoever. It's a glorified weed in my humble opinion and thus far, Bryan has spent nearly 10 hours on our front yard and has only tackled a small portion of the front corner.
God bless my husband as he cuts, and rakes, and sweeps, and pounds, and pummles this hellish plant!
While Bryan perfroms surgery on our yard, I attempted to sweep the back patio while I thought Moira could run around in the grass. Moira being content in the backyard lasted all of two minutes. She wanted her daddy, who was in the front yard - using sharp tools and potent weed killer- and nothing was going to stop her from getting there.
Well, the little garden gnome that I found stopped her for about ten minutes. She sat on the back steps with the dirty gnome that I found in some (Surprise!) ivy in the backyard. After I washed it in the sink, she would hug it and attempted to suck the top of it's hat. Classy, I know.
She did get a bored, and eventually tried to make it back to her daddy. We hit another milestone yesterday, as Moira got her first set of brush burned knees. I'm thinking she's not quite comfortable in her new sneakers as she basically just tripped over her own feet and landed smack dab on her hands and knees. She cried for all of a minute and then, when I thought she would scream as I poured water over to clean off the dirt, she laughed happily and tried to grab the water. Once we got home I cleaned them off more and put on a little ointment. She was engrossed in her dinner of spagehetti, meatballs, and peas when I took the picture while in her high chair.
I know that this will be the first of many skinned knees, but I just had to take a picture for prosperity.

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