Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I lied...sort of.

I didn't make it to the gym yesterday. It's not that I decided to wallow in my fat one more day, it was actually nothing related to my own lack of motivation. Uncle Joey & Aunt Colleen came to visit Mo, so no gym for me. We had a lovely visit and Mo got some more adorable polo stuff from them. (If you don't know Joey yet, he is a complete and utter label WHORE!) Lucky for us, that means Mo will be clothed in some high end clothing care of her favorite Uncle Joey.

I did make it to the gym today. My stomach was in serious butterflies as we drove there. I realize for those who have children in daycare, dropping your kid off for ONE HOUR at the gym daycare is no big deal, but for me it was. The dialogue in my head was crazy. Should I bring in the stroller? (No, no room for strollers.) Do I have to sign her in? (Yup, and I sign myself in too.) What if they're closed when I get there? I'd look stupid walking in and out. (they close from 2-2:30 everyday to clean.) What if there aren't enough workers? (There were five adults and only about 10 kids.) After signing her in, filling out the paperwork, and reading the rules, I placed into a playgym thingy, and left. What's great about this gym? Besides the awesome classes and the pool where I got back into swimming, that is before I got knocked up. Anyway, they have the little tvs on all the machines. While I can choose between ESPN or Food Network, or the music channels, I can also watch the babysitting room. Yes, I can tune into channel 28 and make sure they're taking good care of my kid. Let me just say the 30 minutes I was on the eliptical machine, I must of tuned into channel 28 at least 20 times.

She survived. I survived. We will go back.

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