Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Moira is officially a member of the Catholic church! She did such a good job, even as the water was being poured over her head. We decided to have her baptized at the same church, St. Agnes, where Bry and I were married. Brother Bob performed the baptism just as he had performed our wedding. It was really neat to be back in the same church again. I especially loved Moira's dressed. I'll have to take a few close-ups, but there's shamrocks throughout the bodice and a large celtic cross in the middle of the skirt. I also love the lace around the edge. Can you guess we got it at the Irish Catholic shop?!? Hopefully Moira's future siblings will be baptized in this gown too.

After the baptism, some of our favorite people joined us for a yummy lunch. Not only was the food good, but Bry bought enough wine for a liquor store! It seemed liked everyone enjoyed themselves. Either that, or they were just happy to have a free meal. Here's a few more pics.

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