Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Bloody Mess! (Or why bathing can end up causing bodily harm to your 3 month old)

I bathe Mo every other day. Usually, she sits in her bouncy seat, mesmorized by the tranquil sounds of the ocean on the bathroom floor, while I hurrily shower. Then it's her turn to splish and splash in the bath. Yes, she is defintely my daughter. She loves to kick and I already know the swim team is in her future in a mere 5 years. Today, I give her her usual bath. She's happy as a clam, kicking and splashing. I wrap her up in one of her numerous hoodie towels and race to her changing table, trying to prevent her from getting too cold. She looks up at me with those big blue eyes as I put on a new, size 2 diaper. I then try to decide whether she'll wear purple or pink, when she starts screaming. I figure it's just her telling me to make a damn decision. I tell her, "mommy can't decide. Pink or Purple. What do you think?" Her crying escalates, and again, I just figure she's cold so I go with the pink outfit. She's screaming now and I hurrily dress her in the pink onesie. Usually, dressing her calms her down, but not today. As I search for a matching bib, (Yes I know I'm vain.) she's still a wreck! I'm trying to figure out WTF is wrong with my kid, when I notice some blood spots on her changing pad. I look down at her foot and there's blood all over! I scoop her up and take her into our bathroom trying to find a teeny tiny band-aid and some hydrogen peroxide. I take some q-tips and clean her foot, attempting to figure out where she hurt herself. I find the cut, on her baby toe. Now, my baby toe is tiny. I know attempting to put a band-aid on my own toe would be tough, but my 3 month old's toe is miniscule. It's teeny almost non-exsistent. What can I put on it to stop it bleeding? The answer, one of those little circular band-aids that's what. Somehow I manage to bend the band-aid in such a way it stays on. I pop the paci in her mouth and begin rocking her. This rocking goes on until she finally calms down. What a morning!

Oh yeah! I forgot the best part. This entire event ensued while I was in my bra and panties. Nice, right? Thank God no one was watching!

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