Tuesday, July 15, 2008


It appears my daughter wants to be an escape artist when she grows up. She has broken out of the blanket we use to swaddle her at night so many times and woken herself up, that we decided to do something about it. I purchased a blanket, called a "Swaddle Me" to try to rectify this situation. Basically, it's a baby strait jacket. Mo still has a wicked startle reflex and wakes herself up if she's not swaddled.

Here's how it works. You place the baby in the center pouch. You take the left arm flap and wrap it across the baby's body. The baby's arms are supposed to be held close to his/her body. You then take the right flap and pull it tightly across the baby's body. Then, using the velcro closures, attach the flap to the side. Again, it looks like a baby strait jacket.

I swaddled her up and was amazed at how quickly she fell alseep. I placed her in the crib and went on my merry way. Fast forward to 3:15 a.m., as usual Moira wakes for her nightly feeding. I walk in to find her left arm completely pulled out of the Swaddle Me, and her fingers in her mouth. She looks up at me, takes her fingers out, and smiles.

Houdini has nothing on a swaddled 3 month old!

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