Monday, March 12, 2012

Just Play

In honor of International Women Week and the fact that March is Women's History month, the Land of Listicles is dedicated to this topic. Our lovely leader, Stasha has given us carte blanche to go forth with this topic in any way we see fit.

This topic rings especially poignant as it is the fortieth anniversary of Title IX  later this year. Not only did Title IX give me, a female athlete a chance to play, but it also made huge strides in gender equity in athletics, schooling, and the workforce. My girls will never know a world where they couldn't play. Here's a great list of the impact of Title IX.

In that regard, my list is dedicated to women in sports.

10 Reasons Why Girls Need to Play

1. To learn the dynamics of being part of a team.

2. To find perseverance when things are tough.

3. To establish a routine 

4. To dedicate time and energy through practice.

5. To develop positive self esteem and body image.

6. To realize one's strength.

7. To challenge gender roles and stereotypes

8. To inspire future leaders. 

9.  To learn to lose gracefully.

10. To relishing that sweet taste of victory. 

Interested in more information about girls in athletics? 

Check out these sites:


  1. This is great. Thank you. Love the route you took. They are all important but last two: only sports will let you learn that in a healthy way!

  2. I have two boys who are both all about baseball! I agree that sports are important for girls too even though I don't have any daughters. I wish I had tried my hand at more when I was a kid.

  3. Great post - and as I was reading it I realized it's not just for little girls, it very much applies to grown women as well!

  4. Yes!!! This is SO true! I agree with Kerstin too :)

  5. Fantastic! LOVE it...losing gracefully is something that seems to be disappearing. The focus is about everyone being a winner...when in reality life just isn't like that. I want my child to know that sometimes you DON'T win and there is a right way to deal with and a wrong way.

  6. Love this! So, so true! So many life lessons learned in those years of "play".

  7. What a great list!! Before I had a girl, I was secretly kind of relieved ... I think girls have the hardest time with self esteem. Sports play an important role. LOVE your choice for today's link up! :)

    And, as others noted ... it's good advice for us big girls, too.

  8. I make sure my girls get serious playtime daily.
    FOr myself? Not so much. It is good advice for us big girls too, as Sharon said. Thanks for the reminder.

  9. This is AWESOME. Title IX made a huge impact in my life - as a soccer player, I learned so much about life and how to handle myself and others. I'm so happy to see girls and women grow stronger through sports! If I could get all "mind over matter" on my knees, I'd still be playing. Thanks!

  10. Ah, great list! And this is a great milestone in our history to highlight, one that I don't always think of. Thanks for bringing it to the forefront for me again!

  11. Great list, everyone should learn #2 and #9.

  12. Love, love, love. I loved playing sports all through growing up and truly believe it taught me all of these things and more. To see it all in writing is such validation of how great it is that girls should play, play, play! Great post and take on the Listicles!

  13. This is going to sound lame. But I have a daughter who is an athlete. Part of the reason girls need sports is to give them something to think about other than boys. It works. Seriously.

    1. I think you're right Bridget. Sports do give girls something else to focus their attention!

  14. Great list! And great topic! Girls are sometimes better athletes than the boys!


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