Monday, March 26, 2012


This week's listicle topic was chosen by Terri Sodona of the blog of the same name. This week she insisted we list 10 things that make life easier. While technology does plays a big hand in this, people have a great significance in my life too.

10 Things that make my Life Easier

1. Bryan doing bedtime
Every other night, when Bryan puts the girls to bed, I am given close to one hour of peace and quiet. I have control of the remote, can sit alone on the chair with my feet up and just veg. 

2. My Mom
She lives an hour away, works three different jobs, but still will basically drop anything to watch the girls. She spoils them rotten, bathes them getting herself drenched in the process, and plays the perfect Wicked Witch to their respective Dorothys. I love my Mommy!

3. Babysitting at the YMCA
I never would have gotten my fat ass back into the water if not for the lovely ladies at my local YMCA's childcare area. Besides the fact it's included in membership, my girls always happily head in to play, and the various ladies seem downright happy to see them. 

4. Mo's Preschool Teachers
I was frantic that first day in September when I left Mo at preschool for the very first time. 
Would she have good teachers?
Would she enjoy herself?
Would they 'get' her?
Her teachers are wonderful, loving, and exactly what I would have hand chosen. She looks forward to school every day and they seem to 'get' her. More importantly, she is learning and happy about it!

5. Dining Out
I do cook...
Those nights I don't feel like it, places like the British Chip Shop, the Pop Shop, our favorite Vietnamese place, Panera, Baja Fresh, and our local pizza places are Godsend. 

6. Nice Weather
Last week was a tease. 
75* weather in March? Seriously? 
It was heavenly spending the time outside tossing some wiffle balls, blowing bubbles, drawing with chalk, and just playing that I almost forgot it was still March. 
Now, with the return of fifty something days, I remember how easy those warm weather days can be. 

7. Lollipops
Bribery, anyone? 
I'm not above it. A lollipop will more or less get my kids to do anything,
and if that doesn't make life easier than nothing will. 

8. DVR
Bed knobs & Broomsticks
Fresh Beat Band's Wizard of Song
Project Runway
The Mentalist
We all win with the DVR.

9. Santa Claus
Yes it's March and the big guy doesn't come for another 9 months, however just the reminder of him makes naughty behavior seem to lessen... a bit at least. 

10. Nap time/Rest time
I recently wrote of Mo's refusal to nap. Those days she gives in to sleep are my saving grace. Those two plus hours give me sanity, time to refuel and recharge, and time to pee with the door shut. 


  1. Seems like a lot of us just want to enjoy peeing with the door shut! Oh the joys of motherhood!

  2. I'm jealous of both Brian doing bedtime (can he come over to my house?) and your mom. Lucky you have them. (-:
    A great list.

  3. I miss naps :) You know Santa Claus is just a tweet ( @Santa_Claus )away so you can always throw him in when girls need a little 'encouragement'. What a great list Jackie!!

  4. It's awesome that your husband takes turns. Sometimes just that hour to do whatever you want is just what you need!

  5. Lollipops and naps, check, check! :)

  6. those peaceful moments at the end of the day (and at naptime, if you get them) are such a gift - glad to know it's not just me who needs that bit of downtime!!

  7. Hear, hear for the YMCA childcare. Before we got a local aquatics center I would drive almost 45 minutes to the Y pool. They children loved playing there -- and sometimes when we had time -- I'd take them back to the pool for a swim after I was done.

  8. My husband and I switch off reading the bedtime story, and I, too, appreciate the time when I can sit in the bedroom when it's my husband's turn. And your item about the YMCA makes me curious...maybe we should look into ours...

  9. Great list. I should have put the DVR on mine!
    I'm laughing that you play the "Santa Card" in March :)

  10. Love the dining out. Those sound like great options.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

  11. Lolli pops and the Santa card, carrot and the stick LOL Take out or dine in are a god sent. Seems like you've got a good group to have your back when/if you need it.

  12. This is such a sweet list, your mom and husband sound awesome :) Good preschool teachers and care at the YMCA is so important too. I can't even imagine going back to life without the DVR! Nice list!

  13. I love not cooking dinner! Just something about getting to go out, everyone gets what they want and you don't have to do the dishes :)


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