Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer Camp

"Get ready for the blistering heat!" the meteorologist informed. Her hand motioned to the chart listing the pending days heatwave.
"That's our cue!" I said as Bry nodded in agreement.
Time to pack up the girls, toss in shorts, and shirts and swimsuits and make the drive to summer camp.
No we aren't heading to the wilderness or some sleep away camp. In our world summer camp = Grammy & Popsie's house!
Owning an older home with no air conditioning, means that days when the term "heatwave" are tossed around, we need to find refuge. My parents air conditioned townhouse is the perfect cure.
Here I sit in the cool basement on my parents antique computer while the girls nap.
Camp is great for all of us.
Grammy & Popsie spoil Mo & Maeve to no end with endless tickles, juice boxes, and trips upstairs to jump on their bed! For me, it's a break of the everyday monotony of our routine and a time to share a little more of the daily grind with another adult or two. There's also field trips to spray grounds, and great grandmothers' houses, and the occasional sporting event like my cousin's baseball game.
Eventually we will be able to afford adding air conditioning to our home, but until then we will enjoy our time at Camp.


  1. I went to camp today too! Lol
    Nana loved spoiling my babies too!
    Gotta love parents :)
    100 here today!

  2. I used to love going to summer camp at my mom's house at the beach :) Then mom rented the house so she could get an additional income now other campers live there :(


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