Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dear Jackie, (circa 1995)

Dearest Jackie,

  As you read this, you are probably wondering how a letter from "future you" arrived in your hands?  Please consider it divine intervention.
After that, most likely you are looking to the clock, wondering why on a Saturday evening a version of you is sitting home on the computer instead of being out with friends? I imagine that you imagined  future you would be dining out with your husband while a babysitter sat home with your blissfully sleeping children.
Sorry, that is not happening, however  while the happily ever after you imagined does occur, there are a few regrets and words of advice  future you has for current you (errr me?).
I know that you value advice that isn't wishy washy or sugar coated, so let me keep it direct and to the point and of course in list form.
I know how much you, me, we appreciate lists.

1. Don't expect too much from your group of friends, except Ashley.
    You know deep down that most of the people in your circle of friends aren't really that similar to you, or similar to each other for that matter. They are a hodge podge of people who somehow found connections for the moment.  While they serve as companions now, in the future Ashley will be the only one that is standing by you...always. Treasure her and keep that friendship a priority.

2. Relax a a lot!
 There's no reason to be so uptight all the time. Chill out! The habit of always running from one thing to the other leads itself to disaster and exhaustion. You will find this out next year.  Quit always trying to do everything and give yourself a break. Enjoy some time just relaxing at home with mom and dad, maybe even Jeanna and Joey. I give you permission to skip things like work or practice every once and a while too.

3. Write more!
     Writing is one activity you do enjoy but never truly dedicate any time or effort. I know you enjoy writing center in school, so do it a little more. Get a journal and write things down, be it stories, personal reflections or things that make you laugh. (Your friends do and say some crazy things.)

4. Have confidence in yourself!
     First and foremost, you are NOT fat! Get over that. Wear a bikini at the beach, without worry and without covering yourself up. Remember you are a good two to three inches taller then most of your girlfriends and you are an athlete. Of course you're body type is different, but it's good different!
   Dress in clothes you like. Walk tall and carry yourself with confidence. You are strong, smart, and beautiful. Don't let your inner self tell you differently, or anyone else for that matter. 

5. Expand your social circle.
    Make new friends. Give people a chance. The pecking order of high school is not indicative of outside society. Social circles can be fluid, and you should circle amongst many.

6. Don't take yourself so seriously all the time!
   Don't follow all the rules all the time! (Sorry mom & dad!) You have a tendency to over think things. Live in the moment and sometimes do something you're "not suppose".  For example next year, when you go to Spain- sneak out. Honestly, what do you think Dr. U will do to you half a world away if you're caught?

7. Don't fear rejection.
   Think of it as a learning experience and I know how much you value learning. Put yourself out there, in terms of dating, social experiences, and trying new things. Speak your mind yet follow your heart.

To ease those fears:
You will get into college.
You will get a job.
You will find a guy who turns out to be "the one".
You will get your happily ever after and all that goes with that.

Enjoy the ride!
p.s. For future reference when friends suggest driving "not too far " a week after getting your license, a trip which involves taking the expressway to Manayunk is not a good idea!

    Write a letter to yourself at age sixteen. What might you tell your sixteen year-old self? W0ould you warn yourself not to make a certain mistake? Would you ask yourself to treasure being young? Would you tell yourself how much you've changed? You can write the letter from your present self, or from someone else entirely. Feel free to take this in an unexpected direction. Good luck!


  1. I LOVE this!!! Wow, there is so much I could tell my 16 year old self, I need to work on a letter! "Don't fear rejection", I definitely need to work on that one!

  2. I am here from comment love sunday and had to say, I LOVED this post!! How fun and creative!

  3. Great letter! I especially loved items 1, 2, and 5. Especially 5. I think this is something I should have tried to understand better as a teenager...expanding social circles is important and exposes you to so many different people. We limit who we meet and have connections with in high school because of silly things like cliques.

    Very nicely done. And thank you so much for linking up with The Lightning and the Lightning Bug!

  4. I'm so glad you linked up. I think the fat thing is a theme with most of us. Oh, to be that "fat' now. *lol*

    I love that you got your Happily Ever After and all that went with it. Thanks for stopping by this morning!

  5. Good advice. I could have used it back then - especially 2, I am just starting to learn this one and 4 - I used to walk around with my arms covering my stomach - I was all of 100 lbs at the time. So silly! "expressway to Manayunk"? Sounds like an interesting story!

  6. I've read a couple of these today, and love it! Great job. Don't you wish you could really send this off. Might save a world of trouble :)
    Stopped over from FTLOB. Have a nice Sunday!

  7. "They are a hodge podge of people who somehow found connections for the moment." This is the best sentence and delivered in a way that I would have appreciated at 16.
    Number 5, hands down, my favorite. So, glad that you linked up!!

  8. So funny, that you tell the younger you to break the rules some...seems like the rest of us were breaking a few!
    So, what happened on that trip? I can see where these thoughts could be jumping off posts for the future!

  9. Love this! It's a lot of the same things I would tell myself! And I love the list format--I'm also a list lover. :)

  10. Confidence. That's one thing most teenage girls lack! I loved the way you laid down the ground rules for yourself!

  11. What a great link-up we had this week! Love this post. Us overthinkers tend to think we are the ones with the problems. We are the ones who are doing it wrong and everyone else has it together. Funny how that ends up being the only thing we're wrong about!


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