Sunday, June 12, 2011


We have been in our home for just about two years now. While we have accomplished (and by "we" I really mean Bryan) quite a bit in terms of yard work and design, I still feel like there is so much left to do. Our walls still stand mainly vacant. I have yet to find the right pieces for our bedroom and dining room. I find myself at a stand still. I have been perusing design blogs and while I have linked quite a few in my Places I Go section,
I have a confession:

Don't get me wrong, our home is fabulous! Both Bry and I fell in love with the character of the place. Details like six inch moldings along the floor and windows filled with old, sometimes hazy glass drew us in. Hardwood floors running throughout made with wood that we have since learned is no longer available, anywhere sold us, as did a redesigned and updated kitchen.
I just feel like I am letting it down. There is so much I dream of doing, I wish I could do, but I just don't quite know where to begin!
This house has potential, and I hope to do it justice.
Until then I click and dream,
I dream that Sarah Richardson will choose our house for a makeover. I am an HGTVaholic and Sarah's Summer House was one of my guilty pleasures. Mo and I shared a few minutes this morning watching the final episode of the season.
What will I DVR on Saturday night now?
I am awe of the things The Speckled Dog can do with a little paint. I wish I had the creativity and talent to create the pieces she does. FABULOUS!
I let my mind wander when I check out The Sweetest Occasion. I think about the parties I would love to plan in our someday finished yard or in our fantastically phenomenal dining room.
Finally places like etsy and pinterest only add to my indecision with what to do next.
Too many choices, I say!
For now, I think I will stick to something small and focus on finishing Mo's room.
After much debate, I found something for some white matted frames that have sat empty for a few months. Recently, I discovered Cinnamon Ink and fell in love with Kate's designs. Add some Wizard of Oz movie art, a few photos and frames, and a couple of other loved pieces and hopefully one completed little girl's room will make!

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  1. I think we were separated at birth! I, too am an HGTVaholic and Sarah's House was one of my most favorite things on TV ever! LOVE her!


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