Saturday, June 25, 2011

Stickers, Promises, and new Panties

If you are a parent, I can assume there was a time you uttered this phrase:
"I cannot wait for xxx to be potty trained! I am so sick of diapers!"
Before Mo had been potty trained, both Bry and I would say this often, many times a week. We were done with it all!
Then, she was potty training and it seemed we were wiping just as many butts as we were previously, but instead of lying on a padded table, now she was standing in front of a toilet.
Diapers were easier, however not really appropriate for a three year old.
We are at a standstill currently. Someone is having a poo problem. A problem that involves giggles as I attempt to chase her around the dining room to change her panties. Phrases like "I had a little accident", "Do you got new panties Mama", and "It's just a juicy fart" fall out of her mouth quicker then I can respond. She's not saddened or upset when it happens, which only aggravates me more.
I want her to be embarrassed or upset, but nope!
Poo is a problem!
Besides a sticker chart where she can earn a surprise, Bryan turned to desperate measures. In a night where we had two accidents, then a little incident in the bathtub, I had hit my wall. I was done, cooked, fried!
In a fit of desperation, Bry promised a trip to Disney world in the event she could refrain from an accident.
While this worked for 48 hours, she then preceded to poo in her pants. Bry then told a trip to Disney was lost. She cried, she pleaded, then promised, "I no poo in my panties no more!"
Disney was lost.
However, apparently this fell on deaf ears. Every time she does use the bathroom appropriately I hear from her of her future trip to Disney. "I see Mickey and Minnie, mama." or "Is Tiana there?".
Thanks Bry! I really enjoy crushing the dreams of a three year old!
I guess I'll just have to keep up the stickers and trips to the dollar spot at Target as rewards.
God help me!

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  1. Both of my youngest potty trained on vacation! Maybe she's one of "those" kids!!


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