Thursday, June 30, 2011


"Can we please look at toys now, Mama?" Mo pleads.
"Of course," I reply, "after we get the few things we need".
Target, my place of respite.
There is a certain cadence to my walk, as I push the cart. Maeve strapped into the front basket, while Mo walks along side, as we peruse the aisles. Since everything one could need is located under this one roof, I often spend time browsing. I find it difficult to shop with a purpose here. I cannot recall a quick trip. My cart usually contains more then the list I prepare, and my girls enjoy it too.
Around me, I see a young couple, a large blue diaper bag hangs over his shoulder, while she pushes the cart. An infant car seat sits delicately in the interior basket, as they shuffle through the newborn essentials. My mind flashes back to my own trips with a newborn. My own diaper bag overfilled, a newborn Moira soundly sleeping as I ventured to the outside world.
The memory is jolted as Mo points out, "Toys!".
In the fashion we have adopted as our routine, we walk the aisles. Beginning with sporting equipment, Mo pleads for shinguards for soccer. A promise of purchasing them in the fall, keeps her moving. Maeve's head swings back and forth. Occasionally, she gestures to toys or an audible "ooh" falls from her lips.
"Make a left" I say.
She follows as we continue surveying the collection of toys amongst the next eight aisles. We dance with Olivia, press the button on the Handy Manny toolkit, say hello to Jessie and Woody, and debate potential purchases for a number of birthday parties we have later this summer.
A conversation I have had recently with Bry comes to mind as we finish our walk through the toys. Apparently repeated viewings of Toy Story 1,2, & 3 at bedtime, has left Bry wanting to expand our collection of Pixar films. Mo begrudgingly follows Maeve and I to the videos, however her disposition turns as she sees the familiar faces. She points out characters from the Backyardigans, Toy Story, and even the Simpsons. I see the big bulls eye indicating a price drop for The Incredibles, however the stand is empty. As we round the corner, I find a copy! My happiness is short lived as Mo looks to me.
"I gotta go potty, Mama!" she says.
Immediately I recall a recent trip and quickly we race to the bathroom.
Crisis averted.
I steer the cart into the check out lane.
"Can I get a treat?" Mo pleads, her blue eyes looking up to me.
Unfortunately for her, they don't work, as I respond, "You can get a lollipop in the car".
At the mention of lollipop, Maeve begins clapping her hands in the front of the cart and smiles.
Our items on the belt are ringed up by the cashier. I take my credit card out of my wallet and swipe it through the machine. The girls exchange pleasantries with her the cashier as she hands them stickers.
As I fumble to return my card to the wallet, she comes over to me.
"I just wanted to say you are great with your girls" she begins.
I look up to find a woman, a few years older then me.
She continues, "I saw you earlier and you were so patient with your girls. My kids just graduated. It goes by so fast."
I blink, unsure what to say next.
"I just wanted to tell you to enjoy it" she ends, walking out the door into the summer sun.
I whisper "thank you" as I smile and push the cart, Maeve giggling in the front basket as Mo holds onto the side.


  1. Everybody needs reassurance and it's even more powerful when it comes from unexpected places, right?! Such a sweet lady:) I'm really happy I discovered your blog and I am now following you thanks to Thirsty Thursday, and it would be so nice if you could share the love back on my blog;)
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    Happy Independence Weekend!

  2. That sounds like my shopping trips to Target [minus children, don't have any as yet] though, with my man child of a boyfriend - it comes close! He never gets stickers at the checkout though, Sigh.

  3. People so often voice their negative opinions but refrain from saying something positive so when a stranger gives you a complement such as this, it is very heartwarming. Very nice.

  4. It's wonderful to hear things like that! And it's those times, with complete strangers, that we get to feel some of the worth we know we deserve. Parenting is thankless & thankful, but mostly we are the ones who are thankful for our kids. Not so much them for us until they are grown.

  5. I'm always baffled when people compliment my two sons on their manners. I tend to look over my shoulder to make sure they're talking to me. Feels good, doesn't it?

  6. The encouragement is so nice to hear. Unfortunately, this week I had the opposite experience. Little Man (4 years old) decided to have a massive meltdown in the middle of Trader Joe's. All of the naturalists and hippies and granola folks shopping gave me the most annoyed and disdainful looks as I left my cart and carried the screaming, kicking, frothy-mouthed child out to the parking lot. SIGH!

  7. I bet that was good to hear! I am the same way in target. I will buy everything they have!


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