Sunday, January 31, 2010

Maeve's Debut- Part 2 (c-section)

Nurse Katie asks me if I can walk or want to be wheeled back to the Operating Room. Remember, at this point it's been close to five hours since I've been vertical and walking, so I opt for the wheel chair. She wheels me into the operating room and I hope up on the bed.
It's so different this time around. I guess because with Mo it was an emergency c-section, I wasn't there for all the prep and set-up. This time, I just kind of chilled out sitting on the side of the bed for 10 minutes or so while the nursing staff prepped tables, and scissors, and clamps and other stuff for the pending c-section. Finally, my anesthesiologist walked in and starting talking about the spinal which I would receive.
I confess, I don't remember too much of what he said, not because of the contractions, but because of his Australian accent.
Mo has recently been addicted to the Wiggles and so as soon as I heard his accent, a flood of Wiggles tunes flooded my brain. In my head I heard the "fruit salad song" and the "big red car" song, while he was explaining the benefits of a spinal.
Nice, right?
Not soon after that incident, the rest of the mob I mean operating staff entered and took their places around me. Looking back, its so strange, the whole scenario. One minute you're talking to the doctors, they're talking about their weekend plans, or the number of surgeries they have performed that day and then not too many minutes later they're cutting you almost in half, reaching in to pull out your baby, and then sewing you back together. Bry did make it into a gown this time.
Meanwhile Dr. Wiggle took this fabulous photo of me before baby Maeve entered the world. I'm surprised how okay I really look, all things considering!
I'll save you the vivid pictures of the actual nip and cut but not too soon after the initial cut, Maeve Kathleen entered this world.

8 lbs. 11 oz. at 10:08 pm

Maeve and her daddy
I begin to tear up as soon as they say "It's a girl". That is after they comment on the head of hair she has and listening to her scream.
Throughout this pregnancy, person after person who saw me or more importantly, saw my bump, swore up and down that "it" was a boy. This included various strangers at the grocery store check out, other moms and grandmas at music class, and a poll on my favorite message board.
When someone asked what I wanted gender wise, I honestly responded a healthy and happy baby. Of course, if "it" was a "he", I would love him and figure out how to change a boy, but if "it" was a "she", I would again love her, but she would already have a pretty fantastic wardrobe and more importantly provide Mo with a lifelong friend as a sister.
So when they said, "It's a girl!" I cried. I was and still am so very happy that Mo gets to have a sister. There is no guarantee that Maeve and Mo will be best friends, but I can only hope that they have a relationship that mirrors that of my own relationship with my sister. All those emotions flooded me with those three little words "It's a Girl!"
They stitched me up and this time around, the isolette was immediately to my right, so I was able to watch as they suctioned her, weighed her, and then wrapped her in the blankets. Last time, my view was obstructed by numerous support staff.
Heading back into the recovery area, Bry confessed that the "hero" from before who had bumped me back 2 hours was in the bed next to me recovering.
Give me a break! Luckily, she did not end up being my roommate. (We'll save that story for later!)
My sister Jeanna, snuck back and met Maeve for the first time, and Maeve, being the little diva already, christened her Auntie G with pee on her hoodie. The whole time in recovery Bry would mention, "can you believe we have another little girl?"
Honestly, I still can't believe it. Some 12 days later, I still cannot believe we have two little girls.

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