Monday, January 4, 2010

No later then January 22

I will become a mom again.
My c-section for baby 2 is scheduled for Friday, January 22 which puts us at less then three weeks until b-day! I had my last MFM (Maternal Fetal Medicine) appointment this morning and it seems baby 2 is just like his/her older sister. Already, at just over 36 weeks he/she is weighing over 7 lbs and appears to be on course to weigh over 8 lbs. upon arrival.
Our "To Do" list is slowly getting attacked, as this weekend Bry brought some Rubbermaid boxes, various newborn/infant accessories, and the car seat up from the basement. Mo, of course being a nearly two year old, became instantly interested in the bouncy seat and car seat, attempting to climb in, on, and over them. We will be practicing with her doll for the next few weeks.
Bry also brought up the empty containers for our various Christmas decorations. I usually hate this time year. I hate the de-decorating, the taking down of the lights, and ornaments from tree, it seems like so many of those festive feelings are kaput the moment the last of the garland and tinsel are packed away, but this year is different.
I HAVE to clean it all up sooner then later, or else it might be up until March....or worse....
Bry could attempt to put it all way!
Imagine next Christmas and me attempting to get out those decorations then. That could be a disaster.
So, this week I will be de-Christmasing in exchange for re-babying!

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