Saturday, January 16, 2010

Last quiet days...

I am a big swollen mess right now. I've got cankles, my fingers hurt when I bend them, my belly is so big that while sitting right now the weight is evenly distributed across my legs, and while baby has not been effecting my bladder too much, I am waking up every hour or so throughout the night because my hands fall asleep.
Ahhh....the end of pregnancy! I think I may have blocked out all these feelings from before.
Today I went for a pedicure and manicure. My toes currently resemble Vienna sausages and my fingers are so swollen my wedding band doesn't fit, if that is not a reason for nail intervention then nothing is!
I splurged and went for the "spa pedicure" where for an extra 10 bucks they gobbed on three different kinds of scrubs/masques/lotions, and spent a good 45 minutes working on my feet. Before painting my toes, he massaged my legs! HEAVEN!
I know in actuality I don't need a masque on my legs, especially in the dead middle of winter, but I enjoyed every bliss filled, child-free, quiet, second. Nail salons are virtual deserts in the winter, except for the people headed on vacation or the few who need waxing so this salon was all mine!
Who knows when my feet will see the interior of a pedicure sink again??? Newborns have a way with interfering with personal hygiene. I wanted to get a haircut before baby 2 came, but I never got around to scheduling, so I guess I'll be sportng the "mommytail" for a few months.
At least my toes will look good when they wheel me into the operating room!

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  1. Enjoy. EVERY. Second!
    I am just starting to be able to indulge in a little mommy hygenie here and there. And who cares if your toes will be in socks for the next couple of months?!?!? As long as it feels good underneath and you know that they look good when you take those babies off, it's all good!
    Someone once told me to always wear beautiful, clean, sexy, new (without holes!) underwear. Even if you are wearing sweats and look a mess on the outside. Cause it will make you feel even that much better! Same with your toes!


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