Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dear Moira,

Dear Moira,
Sometime this week our lives will change forever and because you are so young, I know you won't remember your life as an only child. Part of me is glad that you and your brother or sister will be so close in age, but in that same breath, I'm sad that you are still so young and now this time as just you and me is over.
The past twenty-one months have been so amazing. I can't believe how you have become such a unique little person.
From the very beginning, your dad and I were captivated by your physical prowlness. Before you were born, Daddy was nervous that you be fragile and he would break you. Once you were here, we did not have to worry at all. From the very beginning, you were curious and strong. Your head and upper body were so strong that you almost rolled off the boppy at only a week old, which frightened both Mommy and Daddy.
As time went by, you defintely developed your own personality. You were actually very even tempered and mellow. You liked to eat, and sleep and you loved your swing- as did Mommy and Daddy those first few months. We started putting you on the playmat early, and you just seemed so interested in the animals, shapes, and colors. You were always just so happy, and both daddy and I loved you more everyday.
From the time you were about 3 months until 9 months, your favorite toy was the bouncer. You were an animal in it, and Daddy still swears that you were such an early walker because your legs got strong bouncing up and down. People were often surprised when I said you were rolling over, or crawling or even walking when you did, but you always were a very physical baby. It was just under 9 months when you figured out how to walk and that's when you started to get into everything!
Both Mommy and Daddy still believe you're lucky that you're cute, because otherwise you'd always be in trouble!
Before we knew it, we were celebrating your first birthday. We started music class around that time, just Mommy & you. Not too long into class, I noticed how much you loved music, clapping your hands, bopping your head or just dancing. You defintely didn't get that from Daddy or I!
At first when you were little, we rented a place to live, but soon after your first birthday we found our home and later that summer, we moved in. You had so much room to play both inside
and outside. As you got older, we started to explore this big world. We went to a playgym with A, Aunt Ash & Uncle Chris. We went to the beach a few times with Grandma and Gram and Pop. We went to the Sprayground with a bunch of friends and had a fabulous time playing in the water. We went with G to the zoo, and enjoyed feeding the gorilla and monkeys. Later, we went with her and her mommy and Katie to pick pumpkins and apples.

From the very beginning you were Mama's girl, but around the fall of 2009, you started to become more interested in Daddy. You loved to help him outside as he fixed our front lawn. You also had a great time with him as he lead you from house to house on Halloween. Daddy began to put you to bed every night and you two have your own special routine together, where you brush your teeth, and get your pajamas on, and Daddy sings the "Good Night Moira" song.
You also love to play with Daddy every night after dinner, while Mommy cleans up in the kitchen. As Christmas came, you got some great gifts from Santa and our family. Uncle Joe-Joe & Aunt Coll gave you a drumset that you love to play as you listen to Pearl Jam with Daddy every night. Sometimes you blow the harmonica or tap the tamburrine, or play your guitar, but mostly you and Daddy dance. Sometimes, you grab your baby doll and dance with her too. Grandma gave you a copy of Where the Wild Things Are and every night since Christmas either Daddy or Mommy or both of us read you the story before bedtime.
We have been doing so many great new things together. We played with playdough ,
baked cookies together,
gone to the Discovery Children's Museum a few times , colored colored and colored some more, continued with Music class, and started swimming class at the "pool" with "Daddy".

Every night, before you go up to bed, you give your Minnie Mouse doll, Rowdy the dog, & baby doll a kiss and then you come running up to me to say good night. I say the same thing to you every night,
I love you Lovie Girl. You are my most favorite girl in the whole wide world and I am so lucky to be your mommy!
I want you to know, Moira, that even though this new baby is coming and things will be different, you will always be my Lovie Girl and most favorite Moira in the whole wide world! I am so very lucky to be your mommy and love that I get to spend everyday with you. You are strong, smart, and beautiful and can do anything in the whole wide world that you want.


  1. Thanks for the big fat cry! What a lovely lovely thing to leave for Mo. You are an awesome Mommy J. And I'm so glad G and I have had a chance to be part of this journey.

    Can't wait to meet Number 2.

  2. Jac, we love you. This is something that Mo will treasure forever. You will be as much a wonderful mom to this new baby as you have been to Mo.
    (thanks for the tears). We love that we are part of your adventure!!!!

  3. Awwww that was so sweet! It made me cry! As I know the deepness of that love you feel for your daughter.
    Even though you will have enjoyed having an only child, having two is TWICE the blessing!


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