Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mom Friends

I sometimes wish I had more mom friends.
I should rephrase that, I wish I had some friends who lived near me who have children around the same age. I also wish that these friends wouldn't be as annoying as some of the ladies I've met, and/or also share in the things I find interesting, etc...
I guess that's more of the confession. I don't seem to like many of the moms I've met around here so far. Maybe it's me?
I take Mo to music class and I've noticed that there are already some cliques of moms at the JCC. They seem to laugh and whisper as their toddlers play with the mini finger cymbals. I wonder if they all grew up together and now they're having kids or if they met in some playgroup or something, which I missed out on.
Did I miss out? While part of me thinks for a bit it would be nice to have more mom friends, I guess, it's not those ladies I really want to be friends with!
I have made one good friend Michelle whose daughter G is a few weeks older then Mo from our days at Mommy & Me fitness class. Now, though since we have moved, we no longer take classes together, and try to have play dates around our girls' different napping schedules.
My friend Michelle and I took our girls to the Garden State Discovery Museum this past Thursday. (My parents got Mo the best Christmas/Birthday gift, as they purchased her a membership for the entire family to the museum. I'll write more about how awesome it is at a later date!)
As I waddled through chasing after my little hellion, I showed the girls the fabulous little area for children under four. Complete with little farm area, ball pit, sliding board, and house/kitchen area, the girls were having a ball! Not too long after, a woman also with a toddler and a visible bump starting talking to me about double strollers.
Did I know anything about the combi? Does it take the Britax infant seat?
No and I don't know
What double am I planning on getting? Why do I like this one?
We're thinking the Bumbleride Double because the wheels are air filled, comes with all these cool features standard and seriously should last FOREVER!
Do you think she really should get a double stroller?
I seriously don't know your life, lady, but I know a double stroller will be a MUST for us, if I ever wan to leave our house and go for a walk or go to the mall or shopping or anything ever again!

Thankfully, Mo runs away midway through this conversation of sorts, and I find her with G, Michelle's daughter in the ball pit.
Michelle then comments, "Isn't it funny when you're pregnant, people automatically just start talking to you, but it seems once the baby is born- bam- nothing!"
We have talked about this phenomenon all the time.
It's hard to make mommy friends!
She has tried to bust into the friends circle at her local YMCA where G takes some classes. Michelle has likened the moms' clique there to middle school. Occasionally one or two will nod or say hello, but for the most part- Ignorance.
We both don't get it and have talked at length about how lucky we are to at least have each other!

I figure (or at least hope) that once Mo starts pre-school, she will make some friends and of these friends, I will get along with at least one or two moms. I'm not looking for someone to chat on the phone with to discuss the latest episode of Lost (Thank God I have my husband for that), but someone to share their own wacky experiences as mommy too.
Wish me luck, since I don't plan on sending Mo to pre-school until Sept. 2011!

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  1. I found the same thing when I first became a stay-at-home mom. It was sooo hard to meet people! I did join an organized moms group when Kaiden was like 5 months old that I soon quit because I just didn't fell like I "clicked" with any of the women that I met with. I then found another group in my area that I just LOVED and have made a good amount of friends through that. Now there are a lot of them have moved or went back to work or have kids that started preschool so I don't see a lot of them very often. So, just recently I joined a different group with a lot of the same ladies that I have met from before, but also some new faces. I also have found that going to the library week after week for story time, I have been able to meet some other women there. But even there I have noticed the "cliques." Yes, we will never get away from high school!
    I would suggest finding a moms group. Look on, yahoo groups or look into MOMS club. They are a national organization that has groups all over the country. They are bound to have something close to your neighborhood.
    Good luck!


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