Sunday, July 19, 2009

What took so long?

Mo had her first sleepover this past Friday into Saturday. My parents came and stayed out our house while Bry & I went to our friend Aly & Rob's wedding.
I don't know why I was so worried about the whole thing. My mom has always been good with kids, hell she ran a daycare out of our home for 10 years! Meanwhile, my father is enamored with Mo and vice versa. She'll actually way Bye to me when my dad is here.
When I was breastfeeding, I didn't want to leave her more so because it was a pain in the ass to pump and get bottles ready. The dust started to gather on the pump not long after Mo was born, so the idea of strapping that on to the girls for a night of freedom wasn't too appealing. Once I stopped and Mo was on the cup full-time, I guess we could have done an overnight, but there was no reason to, until the wedding.
Aly was a beautiful bride! Rob made me get teary as he wiped the tears from his eyes during vows, and no one really cared when we crept into the church 15 minutes late. We may have missed the entrance but we did get a great view of the vows and the kiss!
We had a fabulous time! Since I'm PG the bar was off-limits so instead I gorged myself on appetizers and desserts! Cocktail hour really isn't the same at weddings with a ginger ale in hand instead of a tanquery & tonic! During dinner, I decided to change it up a bit and had a few Shirley Temples! My dad would be so proud!
My friend Sami kept the photo booth operating.
Seriously she was insane getting every person she knew in there with her, this included a series of pics with five waiters and then a round with the DJ & his microphone. My other friend Jodi, may have had a little too much pink champagne as she danced it up on the dance floor or her seat!
Bry actually took a great pic of the two of us.

Now the reception was fun and I had a great time dancing and eating, but the most heavenly part of the event was staying overnight in the hotel. I have not slept later then 7:15 for 15 months and 16 days. I crashed around 1 and slept (except for the bathroom run at 3:30) until 9:40. The cool air conditioner combined with the black out shades and comfy sheets made me miss breakfast and I didn't care on bit!!
Mo did great and my mom suggested we make this a monthly event. I think I just might take her up on her offer.
I think I can handle one night away from my little girl in exchange for some uninterrupted sleep!


  1. Glad you had fun. DEFINITELY get out once a month till baby #2 comes. I'm sure Mo loved the time with your parents.

  2. aw thanks for the kind words about our wedding! so glad you guys had fun!! :) xoxo


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