Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday Five: Fourth of July Edition

My favorite memories associated with the Fourth of July.

1. Fireworks, especially last year. I thought Moira would be terrified of the sounds but at only 3 months she was entranced by the bright colors. This is one of my most favorite pictures.

2. Bomb Pops

I know technically you can eat these all year, but their red, white, and blue flavors just scream patriotism. I mean, really what isn't great about a Popsicle that's cherry, lemon, and blueberry and will dye your tongue purple. YUM!

3. My Aunt Diane's annual picnics
I wish I had pictures from these picnics. Growing up, my dad's sister Diane had a picnic for the fourth of July every year. It was basically the same thing year in and year out. My mom would bring broccoli salad or peanut butter kandy kakes, while everyone else would bring their jello mold or deviled eggs. We would spend most of the afternoon in the pool, trying to stay away from my Uncle Stevie (my dad's youngest brother) who after a few beers would strip down to his biker shorts and think he was a professional wrestler (Think WWE not Olympics). His mullet splashing in the water as he would body slam my 6 year old brother into the shallow end.
AHHHHH, the memories!

4. Working at the Local YMCA
I actually enjoyed those few summers when I was a lifeguard at the local YMCA pool and we had to plan the Fourth of July fest ivies. Since I was the teacher to be, I of course, took the initiative to plan and implement most of the games throughout the day. It was twofold, actually, I liked face painting and didn't mind throwing $20 worth of change into the shallow end for the kiddies to pick up during the money scramble. It also meant, I didn't have to work the fifteen minute rotations in each of the five lifeguard chairs on the busiest day of the year. I could say it was because I was lazy, it was actually more because I was terrified that I would really have to do a save. Fourth of July and Labor day, allowed me to get into teacher mode.

5. Sparklers For one day a year, we are actually encouraged to play with fire.
Do I need to explain any further???

Happy Fourth of July to all!

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