Friday, July 10, 2009


You've heard of play dates. This past Wednesday we had a spraydate. The Monmouth County Park System has this wonderful Sprayground open to the public for free. While it was a bit of a hike, we couldn't pass up an opportunity to play with our good friends. The local message board I frequent had many posts about this Sprayground and comment after comment were all good.
I dragged my friend M whose daughter G is a few months older then Mo with us. It was the first time either of the girls had been in the car with another baby. They were adorable, holding hands and trying to share pretzel sticks. Of course, they fell asleep ten minutes away from our destination. But hey, it was to be expected as it was nap time! After circling the area for an extra 20 mins we pulled into the parking lot and found.....CHAOS!! The Sprayground and the attached playground were swarming with kids and parents. The parking lot was filled and M looked at me with furrowed brow, asking what we were in for?
We took the girls out, fed them lunch while we waited for the other gals & kids to arrive. After 30 minutes, we were ready to go and brave the Sprayground. In that time, it seemed the place emptied out a bit.
Ever the daredevil, Mo was like a bat out of hell. I'm scared that my kid might be missing that fear gene. Being that this was her first experience and there were lots of kids around, I thought she would be a little more hesitant.
Surprise! She jumped right in and met her match with another friend, D. The two of them, kept R, his mom, and me on our toes as they darted from one water fountain to the other. Meanwhile, her friends T & G were content circling the perimeter testing it out, while L had his bucket and found one spray which he stayed with for quite a bit of time. Most of the pictures I have of Mo her face is covered. She was a woman on a mission and seemed very focused on task at hand. Quite a number of times she stole cups or buckets from other kids, and on one occasion felt the need to stroke a little girl's stomach since she was in a Dora the Explorer bathing suit.
I think she would have spent the entire afternoon running and playing at the sprayground. Ultimately, it wasn't the cold or the weather that got her to stop, it was her mother. After most of her friends had departed for dry clothes, Mo kept playing. I ended her day when I noticed her lips were a nice shade of purple.
We ended our afternoon with a little snack in a nearby area of grass. While her friends sat and ate crackers, Mo decided it would be great to run!
Gotta love my kid!
Our day ended at Delicious Orchards right around the block from the park. I'd love to say it was to get Mo some apples and pears, but actually it was to pick up apple cider donuts and a frozen lemonade! Yum!
G & Mo crashed no sooner then hitting their car seats. It was a fabulous play date with good friends, good fun, and lots of water!!

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