Tuesday, July 7, 2009

And the destruction begins!

Day one of the house rehab has come and gone.
I would love to say it was smooth sailing, but as is typically with all things related to Bry & I, there was a little bump in the road. Bry took off yesterday to spend the day at the house with the contractor who is redoing the bathroom and doing some handyman type work. I was thinking about bringing Mo down in the afternoon, but Bry assured me it would be a mess and the last thing he wanted was Mo running around in a house filled with nails and old bathroom fixtures.
We ended up having to visit anyway. No sooner did I step out of the shower at 9:30 did the telephone ring. As I check caller i.d. I see that it's Bry's cell phone. Hmm, what did he forget, I think?
Bry: Jac, what are you doing?
me: I just stepped out of the shower. What do you need?
Bry: You're not going to believe this!
me: What, did you forget the keys again??? (There have been two occasions in which Bryan has driven to the house after work and left the keys at our rental, which meant I had to drive down to deliver the keys.)
Bry: Nope. The key snapped in the front lock. There's no way to get in.
me: Wait, the key snapped and broke in the new lock that we just got switched no more then two weeks ago?
Bry: I knew that locksmith sucked, but I went with him anyway.
me: Can you get in the side door?
Bry: Nope. I locked the door from the inside that goes between the basement and the kitchen. So even if I get in the side door, I can only go into the basement.
me: I'll be there in 45 minutes or so.
Bry: I love you.
me: You owe me!

I save the day yet again! We take a little field trip to Home Depot. Buy a new bath tub, attempt to salvage the lock, and make copies of the new keys. All this was accomplished before lunch!
I know that this is only the first of many issues that will come up with owning and rehabbing our first new (old) home! Wish us luck that they all can be solved as easily as a call to a locksmith or a trip to Home Depot!

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