Friday, July 24, 2009

Pending Move

Next Thursday we are suppose to be moving into the new place. We are suppose to be using the moving skills of my father, and brother in tandem with Bry to move the few pieces of furniture and various Rubbermaid containers and boxes carrying our most personal effects into the new house which we intend to stay forever.
I don't think things are going as planned.
First off, the painters and bathroom contractors insisted when they took the job, that they would be finished by July 20th. Last Thursday, the bathroom guy told me "Between tomorrow (Fri) and Saturday, I should be done."
Yeah, right. He's back today to finish re-routing part of the pipe underneath the sink. The height of the pipe is preventing the sink from laying flush with the marble counter.
Yes, I said MARBLE COUNTER! We splurged a bit on the bathroom vanity. Hell, we don't expect to EVER have to touch the bathroom EVER again, so we might as well use good quality materials. Apparently Restoration Hardware doesn't want you to purchase fixtures elsewhere. I'll give the bathroom guy a break, he had to sand the marble down where the hot and cold faucet handles go since we didn't buy Restoration pieces. If you pick up standard Lowe's variety, they are a tad bigger.
Hopefully the bathroom is finished today. HOPEFULLY! I can't wait to post the before and after pics. While I bitch and moan about the bathroom contractor, he really did a stellar job.
As for the painters, again it's kind of our fault. The front window in the living room was painted white. Not a big deal, however the former owners had stripped most of the windows and moldings back to natural wood. We couldn't in good conscience let it stay white. So while he thought his crew would be done on the 22nd, he said that today is the absolute last day as they come in for "an hour max" to put the final coat on the window.
Again, the painters did a great job and the stripped window is beautiful. I can give them a pass, especially since they threw painting the fireplace as our "welcome to the neighborhood" gift.
I swear this new town is like the movie Pleasantville.
The floor guys came yesterday and after an interesting introduction and their need to run to 7-11 immediately after arriving for coffee - Not the way I would have started job- I'm hoping they are able to strip the painted hardwoods and finish them by Saturday! (Please keep to this timeline!!!)
I have hired my mom, who is a professional cleaning woman, to come and clean the bathrooms and kitchen on Tuesday. While she is getting her clean on, we plan to move a few boxes and empty our closets in the rental. Wednesday should be more of the same and then Thursday is the big day.
We have one more hurdle, however. Our moving team just lost another man. Initially, our plan was my dad, my brother, my mom (for light stuff & babysitting), me & Bry.
Of course, me being preggo means I can either manage or take out light stuff. My mom most likely will be keeping Mo entertained. Which left my dad, bro, & Bry. That was the plan, until earlier this week.
My dad is headed to the doctors as I write for what they believe to be a hernia.
So now our moving team is my bro & Bry. NICE!
We may just bite the bullet and the credit card and hire a moving company.
At this point, our budget is busted and our once paid off credit cards are slowing gaining balances. What's a few more hundred bucks, right?
But I guess regardless, this time next week we will be moved in....
I hope!

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