Wednesday, October 19, 2011

So Thankful

The table set.
Exquisitely decorated place mats, courtesy of Mo define each setting, as the anticipation of Thanksgiving dinner swirls with the scents from the kitchen.
Our tradition, bringing our respective families together for Thanksgiving is in full effect. They sit in the living room, waiting, snacking, and enjoying "not" cooking.
The turkey removed from the oven, resting under an aluminum foil tent. It's perfectly golden brown skin crisp and inviting sits on the counter.
The buzz of the timer rings, as cornbread stuffing with crisp bacon and sweet potato casserole are removed. After a few years of experimentation,  the perfect balance of sweet potato, maple syrup and butter has been achieved, creating a deliciously yummy dish.
On the stove top, pots of green beans and corn simmer, as the asparagus with roasted garlic finishes it's roast. Taking the large pot of potatoes over to the sink, the water is dumped. Milk, salt, and an obscene amount of butter is added. Under the weight of the masher, the potatoes turn into a creamy velvety mash. The spoon meets mouth.
Twisting the handle, the jelled cranberries are poured into the plate. One of the few items not created from scratch. The twist and pop of the biscuits from their cylindrical container, the other.
Transferring the vegetables into serving bowls, the feast begins to take shape. Moving into the dining room, the bowls line the center of the table. Serving spoons are matched to their respective container.
The crowd begins to gather. Drinks in hand, as they find their seats, awaiting the main course.
I enter the dining room, pausing for a moment to look at those around the table. I find my seat, as he enters. Carrying the white tray, the turkey is presented.

Damn him.
Another fabulous Thanksgiving dinner under his belt.

Daddy teaching Mo the ways of the turkey

Turkey placemats care of Moira

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3.) Describe a meal your spouse actually cooks better than you.


  1. I loved this. And now, I totally can't wait for Thanksgiving.

    Stopped by from Mama Kat's :)

  2. I so admire your security in your womanhood by letting your husband do Thanksgiving... you my dear, are a queen!

  3. I would never attempt a turkey! :) So glad you've got a hubby to take care of you on Thanksgiving!

  4. This post has left me hungry and yearning for Thanksgiving!

  5. I'm w/the others; this made me crave turkey and the season of Thanksgiving. I did my first turkey two years ago (and friggin' rocked it!). And wow...he makes the whole meal? I'm coming to your house this year.

  6. Our Thanksgiving feast is a partnership. Some of my best memories! Your descriptions have me longing for the day.

  7. Your descriptions of the dishes made everything sound SO good. Lucky you that your huz can cook T-day dinner!

  8. How fantastic that he makes the whole meal.. but now I'm craving turkey!

  9. This is awesome!! My husband does the turkey EVERY year too, but I do all the fixings.
    I can't wait for Thanksgiving!!

  10. You've got me craving Thanksgiving and all the trimmings now! Don't know know I'm on a strict diet??? UUUGH! We need non-food related prompts next week!


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