Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Life in Twenty-Two Moments

I am thirty- three years old and in my life thus far I have:

1.  received the swim team as a Christmas gift at five years old.

2. been  known to subject my younger sister to a childhood filled with imaginative play where she was the pet. Think me: Annie, she: Sandy, me: Dorothy, she: Toto

3.  had perfect attendance in Kindergarten.

4.. been chosen from the audience at the now defunct Sea World of Aurora Ohio to feed a killer whale a fish during our only trip to Ohio.

5.  survived a nearly 24 hour car ride in a rented minivan with my parents, grandparents, sister, and brother at the age of twelve for first (and only) trip to Disney world.

6. stopped going to our local public library when I was a kid, mainly because I lost a book and thought I would have to pay an exorbitant amount of money in fines.
You know, like $100. It never crossed my mine that they would just fine us the cost of the Dr. Seuss book.

7. spent a week in Mexico living with a family after only taking 3/4 of a year of Spanish in high school. I still am not sure of most of what they said.

8,  starting tossing the javelin, at 17, the last few months of my senior year in high school.

9.  waded into the Mediterranean Sea during a long weekend in Spain.

10. met the love of my life sometime within the first month of college.

11. walked on to a Big East Division One swim team as a Freshman.

12. earned a partial athletic scholarship on that swim team.

13. received votes to become assistant captain my senior year of that very swim team.

14. stretched out my college experience an extra semester just for student teaching.

15.  started my first real teaching job approximately forty-eight hours after finishing my student teaching.

16. forgone family tradition, to spend Christmas in shorts and flip flops in Key West, Florida.

17. exchanged wedding vows in a simple beach chapel on the eve of a near monsoon.

18. spent time intended for vacation in the hospital.

19. lived like an international rock star for seven days for our much delayed but anticipated honeymoon.

20.  had to rename our honeymoon to a babymoon after discovering myself pregnant three weeks before departure.

21. endured the anticipation and heard "It's a girl" two times (on different occasions*) in the delivery room.

22. found my hopefully someday perfect happily ever after house after nearly 8 months and close to 80 house tours.

What are your 22?
What 22 things have you done in your life? Join up with Mama Kat.
* Reading comments, I realized intially this read as if I had twin girls. Nope, two girls just under 22 months apart. No twins here!



    OMG you are die hard.

  2. Great list! I wish I was a good swimmer. My parents took us to one year of lessons, thinking it was just enough we could save ourselves...

    Babymoon is very clever!

  3. Whoa! Sounds like you have had a very exciting life!

  4. These are awesome. And I love how you brought us through them chronologically. Perfect!

  5. $100 for Dr. Seuss? LOL! Great list... I was a swimmer too in my younger years, but never at the collegiate level. That sounds awesome.

  6. Amazing how much of your life evolved around swimming. Lovely list Jacki! I love how you waited until delivery to find out you had girls!


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