Monday, January 24, 2011


My sweet Maeve is one.
How the hell did that happen?
It only seems like yesterday I was sitting on the floor at the Pop Shop feeling contractions during music class with Mo. I wrote about it here: I remember how my belly was so big and so low that attempting to sit with my legs crossed on the floor was impossible. The weight of my belly often was lessened as it would rest on the top of my thighs.
I can laugh now when I think back to that day, but when I read it here all the feelings rush back.
Maeve Kathleen, born 1.20.10, the same day as her Popsie.
She honestly is the sweetest little girl I know. She, like her sister, has somehow fooled genetics to get crystal blue eyes. Eyes so blue they seem to see through you. She has my hair color and lips and that's where her resemblance of me ends. I've been told she is gorgeous and at the same time, that she looks like Bry. Hmm? How is that possible? I agree, however, that somehow she has some of Bry's characteristics but remains a beauty.
Of course, what's a first birthday without a photo shoot. As always, photos courtesy of Ashley Pierce Photography.

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