Monday, January 24, 2011

Dear Maevie,

Dear Maevie,
Happy Birthday my sweet girl! You are our Sunshine. As you celebrate this first year of your life, let me take a minute to reflect. You were born last January a few days before one of the biggest snow storms on record. While Daddy was home from work, he really could not help us out, as he had to shovel all that snow. So from early on it was just the three girls, you, me, & Mo. We would sit together on the rug in the upstairs hallway. You would sleep while I held you while Mo dance around as I sang Laurie Berkner and songs from music class. From the very beginning, you were an easygoing baby. You liked to be cuddled and would sleep great in my arms. Putting you down in the bassinet, well that was another story those first few weeks!
By the time spring came, you loved sitting in your bouncy seat outside watching Mo and the other kids play. Most of the time, you would fall asleep as the cool breeze would blow by.
By the time summer came round, you had been out and about all the time. Between Philadelphia Union soccer games, day trips to see Grandma with the Bracelets down the shore, sleepovers at Grammy & Popsie's house because they had air conditioning, visits to the zoo and museums, and various play dates with friends, you were quite the social butterfly. Everyone always commented on how cute and happy you were. You always were smiling!
As the year went on you joined Mo & I on our weekly trips to the grocery store, children's museum, library, & music class. You developed your own little personality along the way. You love being outside with the breeze in your face and often spend time chasing Mo around the house.
You are a cuddle bug who loves to snuggle with stuffed animals, pillows, and your comfy chair that Auntie G gave you for Christmas. You love to snack and get quite the temper when your food is not on the table in a timely manner, even though you still have no teeth! When you meet new people, you love to hide your face in my shoulder and steal quick glances until you feel comfortable. While Mo is Popsie's girl, you love Grammie. When we talk to her on the phone, you love to "talk" too and try to push the buttons. When you are tired, you like me to hold you and you play with my hair.
Every night, it's just you and me on the chair downstairs as we get ready for bed. You get zipped up tight in your sleep sack and I hold you for a little while. When you were very little, you would fall asleep in my arms but now you prefer your crib.

You are growing so fast, my sweet Maevie Baby! I cannot imagine my life without you in it and feel so lucky to be your mommy!
Love, Mommy

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