Monday, December 21, 2009

Snowed In!

Well, the weather outside was frightful the past two days. We were hit with the mother of all December snowstorms all day Saturday leaving us with just over two FEET of snow to shovel out of on Sunday. When I write "leaving us" I really mean Bry, he had the sole responsibility of shoveling us out.
Me being 34.5 weeks pregnant, there was no way I could help shovel or salt or anything. There was so much freaking snow and poor Bry was left to do it all. Hell, I had a difficult enough time attempting to squeeze into a pair of my old swim team deck pants, since they're waterproof to substitute as snow pants so that I could take Mo out to experience the snow first hand. I must have been quite the sight waddling down those front steps in my coat only buttoned the top half and my belly hanging out. The things you do for your kid, right?
She did love every minute of it! Bry took her out for about twenty-five minutes on Saturday afternoon just before sundown. It was still snowing and very windy and when she came in she was smiling but looked like this:

Do you see those rosy cheeks?
Yesterday, it was my turn to man the kid. She had a ball again.

That's me in the background, and the closest anyone will get in seeing my fabulous attire!
Between her snow boots which are a size and a half bigger then her shoes, and the two feet of snow, Mo spent a lot of her time asking for help getting up.

I seriously felt like she could have been a stand-in for Randy- little brother of Ralphie from A Christmas Story.
She did have fun playing catch with her daddy in the snow.

Finally, she just kept running away from me, leaving me to chase after her as she went towards the street, our neighbor's snow plower, and after the shovel, so I tossed her in the snow.
She probably would have sat there all day.

Finally, a picture of the house all decorated and covered in the white stuff.

In the past, I have hated the snow, but since have Mo, I really have found it enjoyable. I guess, also not having to shovel made it that much sweeter too!

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