Thursday, December 24, 2009

Idea vs. Reality

Let's go into Old City, Philly on the 23rd to get some last minute Christmas shopping done at Scarlett Alley and some other cutesy boutique stores, visit Shane Candies for some delicious homemade chocolates and candies for Christmas day, and then head to Rittenhouse Square to see the Christmas tree and get some cheeses at Di Bruno Brothers. We'll then find a place to have lunch and enjoy the holiday hustle and bustle together as Bry enjoys his first day off!
The weather did not get above freezing leaving the slush and leftover snow to freeze throughout the streets and sidewalks of Old City. We find an open parking spot, YES! We realize that Shane's is small, so forgo the stroller and make it inside. Mo goes gaga over all the delicious treats, however some wackadoo comes in, on her cell phone the entire time she parades around, almost knocking Mo over, oblivious to the fact, as she butts in front of Bry to order her candy. This leads me to pick Mo up while Bry takes care of the order. GOD! My kid is getting heavy and I guess it doesn't help that I'm almost 35 weeks pregnant too!
We drop the candy off, pick up the diaper bag & throw the kid in the stroller as we head off to do a little shopping...or so we plan. Besides darting the ice patches, and attempting to push through the frozen slush of the street corners, we have failed to realize that her stroller will not fit in most of the little stores we had wanted to visit. After making it to Scarlett Alley, Bry looks around inside, while I attempt to entertain the kid as she remains strapped in. He then pops out, suggests I look around. I go in, find a few things I'd buy for her "big girl room" which was so not the point of the trip, and head out. She has started freaking out a bit. Bry asks "What were we thinking, coming to Old City with a toddler in a stroller 4 days after one of the largest storms in history has hit Philly?" I respond, "I guess we weren't really thinking!"
We decide to walk back to the car when the stroller gets stuck at an intersection crosswalk. Too much ice & frozen slush, leading me to almost pick the entire thing up with kid in tow again visibly hugely pregnant! Bry is on the verge of loosing it, as he scoops out Mo, has me fold ths stroller to carry it across the street while I dutifully follow carrying the diaper bag! Mo is happy for a few seconds until we unfold the stroller and attempt to put her back in! "NO NO NO!" she screams as she cries.
WTF were we thinking...or not thinking?
I should also mention that this entire scene is unfolding around 12:30, right around Mo's nap time!
We finally make it back to the car, scrap the remaining plans and head back to the safety of strip malls and department stores found in and around the great state of New Jersey! Mo falls asleep as I drive us back. Bry wipes a bit of sweat of his brow and says "Seriously, what were we thinking?"
We end making it to our local diner, where we have lunch and continue to try to figure out what made us think our plans made sense.
I guess we seriously weren't thinking it completely through. A kid does change everything!

Merry Christmas!

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