Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Mo got her first taste of being bullied today at our final music class of the year. Some three year old pushed her and another little girl out of the way as they were cleaning up their shaky eggs. Mo immediately locked her eyes onto me and began to cry! After consoling her I realized the little punk was never reprimanded by his mother and more so, continued to push and shove other kids throughout the remainder of the music class. Since it was the last class, they had the parachute out, and so the kids were sitting inside as the parents dragged it around in circled. I watched Satan boy like a hawk as he shoved my kid again, and then a few others, Mo looked at me, reached up her arms and gave me the lip!
Yes, the I'm so sad, or scared, or upset bottom lip that usually quivers right before she starts to cry.
Mo usually takes a few minutes to warm up to the music, but today it was almost 40 minutes (of a 50 minute class) until she wasn't just sucking her thumb staring or clinging to me. It sucked!
I came home and told Bry all about it. He asked me if I taught her to hit back.
Excuse me? Hit back?
He then spent ten minutes teaching her to punch and push. He even went so far as saying, that he'd rather her be the bully then get bullied!
Seriously Bry, WTF?
Mo is coming from big genes. We are in no way tiny people. Just today someone asked me how old she is and when I said 20 months, the response was "wow! She's really tall!" There is no way my kid will be the runt of the class. Most likely she will tower over her classmates and do I want her to be the one harassing them? Hell no! I figure she'll be labeled "the tall girl" and that is enough. We don't need her to be "the tall mean girl who hits". Remember, I know Kindergarten. I taught it for four years and those labels go out quickly!
For now, I'm going to reinforce that when we are hit or shoved or slugged, we tell the person that it's not nice and then tell the teacher.
We'll leave the title of bully to someone else, thank you very much!


  1. I could not agree with Bry more, I said the same thing when Aiden came home from daycare and got the same reaction from Ashley. They are going to continue to get picked on unless they fight back no matter how old they are

  2. It is ok to stand up for them selves. It is natural. But as a woman I understand.


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