Thursday, December 10, 2009


Yesterday the weather channel dot com documented 1.10in. of precipitation in my town, and 1.54 in of precipitation on December 8. That my friend, is a whole lot of water in one time period.
Up until yesterday, I never really gave much thought to checking the basement during or more importantly after heavy rainstorm. I learned a valuable lesson yesterday.
Around quarter of six last night I headed down to the basement to switch on our holiday lights. I was greeted with over an inch of water pooled at the very bottom of the stairs. After yelping (yes, yelping!) I ran back upstairs, put Yo Gabba Gabba on the t.v. to babysit I mean entertain Mo, and then went back down to assess the situation. While the rain had stopped about 8 hours earlier, I'm assuming that sometime in that time frame the water found a way into our basement, and by the time I had found the flooding, it had stopped seeping in and found the lowest part to pool.
To be honest, I thought for a split second that I could handle the clean-up, but then I reassessed the situation. Could I, at 33 weeks pregnant and with a 20 month in tow, get to Home Depot, purchase a wet-dry vacuum, and then find a way to feed her dinner, do her bedtime routine, suck up all the water, check again for the leaky spot, and not bother Bry at work since he's swamped?? Silly that I even thought about it, I called Bry who was home within 45 minutes.
4 hours, one Sicilian pizza, and $125 later, the mess was cleaned up.
Now I know, if the forecast says heavy rain, check the basement early and often!

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