Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Save Jack's Big Music Show!

I admit, Moira is like her parents (and grandparents for that matter). She loves watching television. I know it's bad for her, but I don't feel nearly as guilty because of Noggin which is Nickeloden's pre-school channel. The programs are actually educational and between the episodes they run little skits, music videos, and suggestions for crafts, snacks and the like.
Moira's favorite show is about 3 puppets who love music in their clubhouse. It's called Jack's Big Music Show. Besides the exposure to different musical instruments and songs, they usually have two music videos in each episode. Usually Laurie Berkner Band sings some song related to the topic and then there's another catchy little tune that follows. Mo has been known to clap her hands during these videos. I also think this is how she learned how to dance. I consider it the best show on Noggin as it intertwines real people with puppets and exsposes children to so many different aspects and genres of music through both voice and instruments.

We're sad now.
I just found out Nickeloden has suspended making anymore episodes of Jack's Big Music Show. The best show on Noggin (in my humble opinion) has been halted.
So I ask my readers to help Save Jack's Big Music Show Click here to find out how you can help!
If not for me, do it for Moira and the thousands of other pre-schoolers who are learning to appreciate music from this show.

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