Friday, February 27, 2009

The Great House Hunt of 2009

We are house hunting. Finally, after just over 12 years together, various dorm rooms, apartments, and everything in between we are ready to buy a house. You'd think it would be easy.
The answer is no.
I figured out that we are picky.
I guess we should be, as we have waited so long we shouldn't just jump into it. I think we have seen nearly 20 houses so far throughout various towns in the greater Philadelphia area. We have spent the weekends of the past 2 months driving to various open houses and showings with our realtor. Mo has been a trooper for the most part, spending so much time in the car. So far, there have been a few that are close, but something wasn't right.
For example, we looked at this great older home, over 100 years old. We love the character of old houses. It had recently been updated. It had gorgeous hardwood floors, a large, modern kitchen, 5 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, an impressive backyard with enough room for a swingset, above ground pool, garage, and playspace. We got really excited about it until... Bry and our realtor went into the basement.
Apparently the act of sistering the ocassional floor joists isn't too big of deal. However, when EVERY SINGLE JOIST has been sistered on both sides, the only option is to replace the foundation.
Yup, you read that right. The house we liked the most so far, would need a new foundation.
Needless to say, we walked away from it, and back into the pool we dove.
We have seen some homes that have been recently renovated but lack the bedroom space. Yesterday, we saw a gorgeous 3 bedroom home that had a master bedroom suite that made my jaw hit the floor. Unfortunately it was 3 bedrooms, one of which was tiny.
We saw a number of houses that have had nothing done to them in some time. For example, the one home looked like it had been the home of the 1970! It had a digital clockface as part of the master bathroom mirror. It also had a security alarm system that reminded me of something out a James Bond movie. It also had an intercom system.
There have been so many houses, so many stories. If you ask, I'll tell. But for now, it's back into the car tomorrow. There are open houses to visit, and hopefully we'll find "our" house.
Hopefully, I know Mo is getting sick of the car!

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